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Kamen Rider Sun: Kamen Rider Sun

by Light MaskMan

Light MaskMan A Wild,Wild Fight!!!
Sun look at the young boy before looking back at Knight "time to end this" Sun call out as he jump up into the air and release his finisher "Solar Rider Kick" he called out as he the sun sent him on fire and was sent kicking towards Knight. "Ha" Knight laugh as he threw his sword at Sun cutting him and cancel the finisher "crap" Sun call out as he flew straight into the ground while Knight pick up his sword and slowly walk towarda Sun who as helpless "HEY LEAVE THAT GUY ALONE" Wild roar out as he hands and feet started to grow claws. Knight then turn around just as Wild jump towards him "Die human" Knight said asbhe threw his sword at the Rider but Wild started to slash at the sword turning it into pieces "woah the slash" Sun thought as he got up and pick up his sword "my child use the core" the Voice said to Sun "ok Core change" Sun shouted as he started to glow. Knight fell back as Wild use his finisher "Wild Rider Slash" but Knight pull out his shield and deflect the attack sending Wild into a wall "time to die Rider" Knight said as he got up and ran towards Wild "Stop" Sun call out to Knight as he transform into a robotic form "who are you" Knight ask as he look at the robot "i am the Prince of happiness Sun: Core Rider" Core said as he posed.