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Kamen Rider Sun: Kamen Rider Sun

by Light MaskMan

Light MaskMan The Son of the Sun?
The year was April 15,1989 when the Sun Voyager was launch into space as Chojin Neiger took of his helmet and look at his partner. "This is awesome right Katie?" he ask his partner Katie who took off her helmet and nodded, at him "right" she said as the Voyager landed on the surface of the Moon and. Chojin jump into his suit as he place his helmet on his head and ran outside and jump around his Katie stay inside the Voyager and look into the distance as he saw a person walking towards Chojin. "Chojin come back" she yell out to him but hs could hear her as he person attack him with a sword "woah" he call out as Chojin jump out the way and drop kick the person to reveal a shadow person but then a group of people here to fight Chojin. "Lets go" he said as he punch the 1st Shadow but his hand went right though the Shadow "what"nhe cried out as he Shadows tackle him down and tied him up while the went after Katie "let me go" she cried out while the Shadow tied her up too and carry them to a large Fortress of the center of the Moon. Chojin and Katie we're forced to kneel down before a man sitting in a throne "hello there" he man said as he look at the 2 "WHO ARE YOU" Chojin roar out as another man in a Metal suit appear before then and punch Chojin to the side "do not talk to out king that way" the Metal Man said while the Shadows took Katie away while Chojin watch "Katie Nooo" he cried out as the King sat up from his throne and walk over to Chojin "i am Eclipse the King of the Moon and Shadows" he said while he pointed to the Metal Man "and this is Shadow Moon" he added as the Shadows pick up Chojin and loaded him into a cannon before shooting him into Space "NOOO" Chojin roar out as he got closer to the Sun. "God...help...me....Please..." Chojin thought to himself while he open his eyes to see he was inside a orb and a voice appear "its okay my child i am here" he voice said as he belt appear around Chojin waist "whats this" he ask as the voice replied to him "this is the Solar belt" as Chojin close his eyes again and was shot to Earth in a asteroid "Good luck my child" the voice call out as Chojin came closer to the Earth.