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Kalos League Battle Made To Last!

by HydreigonBorn37

HydreigonBorn37 So, apparently everyone has been making anime style adventures stories. I'm always ready for something new, so I decided to join the fun.

Name: HB
Gender: Male
Saizo (Greninja)
Role: Main Character

Name: Michael
Role: Battle Analysis

Gender: Female
Role: Shipping

Name: Danny
Gender: male
Slippy (Goodra)
Role: Rival

I want to start of during the League to build character before the next region!
"We've got a great battle for you today folks, Danny vs HB! The winner of this battle goes to the finals!" The announcer shouted gleefully over the intercom. The crowd at the Kiloude City Stadium was powerful. You almost couldn't hear the announcer over the cheering crowds.

Michael and Mel sat down to watch Danny and HB's battle. Michael dug into some popcorn and said gleefully stuffing his face," This is going to be great battle, It could go either way!"

Mel was a little disgusted and responed meekliy," It really is, but you should finish eating before you talk."

The stadium grew quiet as two platforms rose up from the floor of the stadium. One platform had Danny. Danny stood and readied his Pokéball to face HB.

HB's platform rose shortly after and he readied his Pokéball. A referee came down to the field and raised his hand."Trainer, release your Pokémon!"

"Go, Gallade!" HB shouted as he clicked the button on his ultra ball. A red beam fired out a chivalrous Gallade. Gallade was ready for battle. He extended his blades as a taunt.

"Go, Bisharp, we can do this!" Danny shouted as he threw his quick ball. The red and black Pokemon also extended his blades.

The crowd roared at the site of the Pokémon. Michael looked at Mel and whispered," This really could go either way, Bisharp and Gallade have battled before, It's never been one-sided."

The refree blew his whistle to signify the battle start. "Power-up punch!" The two trainer said simultaneously. Gallade's fist glowed blue and he charged at Bisharp. Bisharp's fist also glowed as the two attacks collided.

"Power-up punch again!" HB shouted to Gallade. Gallade charged at Bisharp shouting," Gallllllaaa"

"Counter, with Iron Head!" Bisharp head glowed ailver and the sword pokemin charged at the green Gallade.

Gallade's fist glowed as he punched Bisharp's face. Bisharp lept into Gallade's chest. Bisharp smacked Gallade in the chest with it's axe head.

Michael smiled at the intense battle," It seems that HB's strategy is to do as much damage as possible."

"Gallade, X-Scissor!" Gallade slashed Bisharp in the stomache with the increase damage super-effective attack.
Bisharp struggled to stand after the attack, but still managed.

"Guillotine!" Danny shouted to Bisharp. Bisharp's blade extended further than they usually do. Bisharp charged at Gallade.

"Gallade, quickly! Use X-Scissor again!" Gallade also charged at Bisharp. The two Pokemon collided and an explosion burst out on the battlefield. The smoke cleared two revel Gallade and Bisharp fainted. The Referee threw his hand in the air and yelled," Double Knock-out!"

Mel gasped at this," Gallade only got hit once!" She looked at the score board as Bisharp and Gallade's faces grayed out.

Michael finshed eating a handful of popcorn to say," That's becuase guillotine is One hit knock out move."

Will Danny push ahead of HB. What Pokemon are they going to use next. Find out next time in KALOS LEAGUE BATTLE Drawing the line!