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Kaida's Travelling Circus: Kaida's Travelling Circus: Part Two

by ollijay

ollijay Kaida and the twins have escaped the circus, but the harsh terrain of Route 17 leads them into some trouble.
Toraburu had set the clowns' caravan on fire while his brother made sure no one saw him do it. Soon enough, the rest of the circus flocked towards them to see how they could help. The clowns weren't actually in the caravan at the time, but they panicked when they saw their home going up in flames.
"Someone do something!" the ringmaster screamed.
Huh, Toraburu thought. That's just like the ringmaster. Always bossing everyone else around, but never actually mucking in himself.
"Torikku!" he hissed to his twin. "Let's get out of here!"
Both of them hated working in the circus. The ringmaster told them "mimes don't talk" so they were always scolded for speaking, outside of performance, and they barely got any food. That, and they had no family, and their only friends were Mr. Mime and Kaida.
"I hope we get to say goodbye to Mr. Mime," Torikku remarked as they ran away, disguised by the smoke.
Toraburu hoped the same. They'd been with Mr. Mime since the ringmaster had taken them in, supposedly out of the goodness of his heart. He definitely just saw them as a way to make more money- "the flame haired twins with the miming skills to rival a Mr. Mime!"
Out of breath, they reached Route 17. Snow was falling heavily and the temperature had dropped dramatically. Kaida was waiting for them, along with Drifloon, Drowzee, Popplio, and- Mr. Mime!
Both twins rushed up to their beloved Pokémon friend, whose long arms wrapped them in a hug.
"I'm glad you're safe," Toraburu whispered.
"Me too," echoed Torikku.
"Well, this is nice and sentimental, but we can't stop here," Kaida told them dryly. "We just set free the ringmaster's primary means of making money; he's going to be hunting us all down."
"You're right," Toraburu nodded determinedly.
"Let's just head to Anistar City," Kaida suggested. "Someone might take us in for a while, just until we figure out what to do, and the ringmaster won't be able to hurt us in a main city like that."
The twins agreed, so the three humans and their Pokémon started the trek eastward towards Anistar City. The snow was falling hard and it was extremely cold, but they tried to keep going.
Kaida found it especially hard as she had to carry Popplio, who would get really sick and ill if it had to get in the deep snow, and she had to hold on to one of Drifloon's arms so it wouldn't blow away in the harsh, howling wind. Drowzee faired better, keeping warm with its large mass, but Mr. Mime seemed to struggle too.
"I don't think we can keep on like this!" Torikku shouted over the sound of the wind.
"We have to!" Kaida yelled back. "We can't let the ringmaster get to us!"
Torikku was right, though. A few minutes later, Mr. Mime fell into the snow, looking as white as a sheet. The Pokémon couldn't carry in the severe weather, and the others weren't far behind.
"I don't know what to do," Kaida said frustratedly, feeling suddenly hopeless. She felt really young then, and was angry that she had underestimated how difficult the weather on Route 17 was.
Just then, they heard a strange sound. It was impossible to tell where it was coming from, as they could only see a few meters in front of them with the blizzard, but it sounded like a huge Pokémon.. snorting and snuffling.
"Huh?!" Toraburu said, confused.
Out of the roaring blizzard, a gigantic Pokémon emerged. It had enormous tusks, brown fur caked in snow, and a large pink snout.
"A Mamoswine!" Torikku exclaimed. Not only that, but a man swathed in lots of warm furs hopped down from the Pokémon's back, holding a flaming torch. Only his eyes were visible; blue like ice.
"Get on!" he shouted, voice muffled by his coat.
The trio didn't need to be told twice. Kaida helped the twins up onto the massive Mamoswine's back, then jumped up herself, followed by the stranger.
"Thank you!" she called to him.
He didn't respond. Perhaps he hadn't heard her.
They made the rest of the journey in silence, accompanied by the screaming gale, which lessened by the time they reached Anistar City. By that time, night had fallen.
They all disembarked from the Mamoswine, giving it a grateful pat on its huge legs. The stranger started to walk towards a small hut on the outskirts of the city, half-buried in snow.
Kaida and the twins exchanged glances. They figured the man wanted them to follow, so they did, into the hut where a roaring fire welcomed them.
"Sit down," he ordered gruffly. He took off his hood and the scarves around his mouth, revealing messy black hair, a beard, and that his age was probably in the mid-thirties.
"Who are you?" Kaida asked.
"My name is Kori," he answered. "I know who you are. Why did you leave the circus?"
Kaida looked at the twins, who both looked surprised. How did Kori know who they were...?