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Kaben and Madeleine journey: Kaben and Madeleine story 4

by Kaben and Madeleine

Kaben and Madeleine They ran to the lab and they send out there Pokemon.
Chapter 4
Piplup-lup, snivy- vy. Cool-both of them said. Okay now you have your starters ,here both of your pokedexs and pokeballs. Then the door open and a boy ran in saying am I late proffesor.
No your not Alben you are just in time and you get the last Pokemon said the proffesor.
Okay said Alben and he pick up the pokeball and out can a fennekin that jumped on him and I decided to take fennekin in his journey and he also received a pokedex and pokeballs. Are you two trainers also said Alben. Yes said both of them. Okay I'm off to the first gym and can you two come join my journey with me said Alben. Sure said both of them. From that day on they traveled as a team to the city for their first badge.