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just a lil art dump!

by magical.boy

41886485_kbxXTi5xrzzgbbf.png fgb.png myjgnh.png hjgh.png tgr.png etg.png Screenshot.png
magical.boy some recent art that isnt pokemon (except for one of my trainersona lol)

i've mostly been updating references for all of my warriors ocs, which... is a task lol. the cats here are spiderskulk (black + white cat), mistyfoot (tortie point), sparkfire (ginger + white), and downypaw (ginger + white with scarred eye). and also cyrus who i dont draw him too often cause drawing horns like that is like drawing scales.
  1. Popplio
    lovely work!! i really like spiderskulk's design :-)
    Nov 15, 2021
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