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Just a kid?: Just a Kid? chapter 3

by Firetamer123

Firetamer123 A young girl and a small group of friends are told they are too young to start their journey. They manage to get their starter pokemon's despite what they are told. Will they make it on their own? Or will they have to go back home to Littleroot with shame?
Kiera waved to her friends before heading to the poke mart. When she came out she saw her father talking with one of the locals. "Have you seen this girl? She's my daughter." Her father asked. The local he was talking to pointed over to where Kiera was standing. "Kiera!" Her father said rushing over to her. "Dad?!" Kiera said surprised and confused. Her father hugged her and picked her up. Kiera hugged him back. She was all to confused. "W-What are you doing here?" She asked once he put her down. "I wanted to give you this." He said handing her an egg. Kiera took it wide eyed. "What is it? Does Mom know your here?" She asked. Her father shook his head. "No she doesn't. I know every well what it will hatch into but that is the surprise." He smiled. "I also have these." He pulled out some evolution stones and what appeared to be a mega stone. "My father gave me this stone. He said it was for good luck. I wanted to give it to you when you started your adventure." Kiera put the evolution stones in her bag and held the mega stone in her hand. "But why didn't you give Jason the good luck stone?" Kiera asked puzzled. Her father chuckled. "He wasn't my favorite." He smirked. "Besides I had forgotten about it until your mother told me to clean the garage or I would get no dinner." Kiera laughed and hugged him. "Thanks Daddy!" She said. Her father hugged her back. "Be safe ok? Your still just a kid." He said. Kiera nodded. "I have to go back home now. Don't want your mother to yell at me for being this far from home." Her father hugged her one last time before leaving back to littleroot. Kiera looked at the mega stone completely unknowing to what it really was. She tied a string around the stone and made it into a necklace. "There." She smiled at her work and put it on. She sent out her Poochyena. "Come on boy." She said. "I don't want to fall to far behind the others." She said. Her Poochyena wagged his tail. Kiera started walking to the next route. She had hoped her friends would travel with her. Her Poochyena pranced beside her. "Hmmm, maybe we can travel together when we're stronger?" Kiera thought to herself out loud. Her Poochyena nodded. As they walked Kiera fiddled with her new charm. She was lost in thought and didn't notice a Taillow and Sewaddle jumping out at her. Poochyena growled and used tackle. Kiera jumped hearing her Poochyena attack. The Sweddale and her Poochyena tumbled away. The Taillow stared at her before using peck. Kiera fumbled with her bag before she could send out Treecko. "Treecko use pound!" Kiera said. Treecko knocked the Taillow back. Poochyena returned shortly after with the Sewaddle chasing him. "Poochyena tackle the Taillow!" Kiera quickly instructed. "Treecko pound that Sewaddle!" Both pokemon launched to attack. After Treecko landed his attack the Sewaddle fled. The Taillow was weakened more. Kiera thew a poke ball at it. 1.....2......3..... The Taillow broke free and used peck on Treecko. "Treecko use absorb!" Kiera shouted. She knew it wouldn't deal much damage to the flying type. Taillow was hit as well as Treecko. Treecko was almost fainted. The Taillow was the same. Kiera threw another poke ball. This time she got it. "yes!" She cheered. she picked up the poke ball holding her new pokemon. "Poochyena, Treecko return." She said. Both pokemon did so. She then returned to the previous town to heal her pokemon. Once she was back on the next route she sent out Poochyena and Taillow. "Taillow can you scout ahead for us?" She asked. Taillow nodded and flew off. Poochyena trotted beside Kiera. "This time I'll pay more attention." She said. Poochyena nodded and wagged his tail. Kiera and her pokemon took on a few battles on their way to the next town. They were almost at Rustboro City when they noticed a pokemon trainer battle. "Taillow! come back!" Kiera called. The little bird pokemon glided down to his trainer and landed on her shoulder. "Let's go watch this battle." Kiera said moving to get a better view. Both trainers were boys. Their pokemon in a heated battle. The first trainer had brown hair and sweat beading down his face. The second seemed calmer and more focused on the battle at hand. He had black hair and silver eyes. He wore a black jacket and dark blue jeans. His face was serious and his gaze fixed on the pokemon. He looked to have a scar across his cheek on his left side. The first trainer had a Nuzleaf out. It was badly hurt. Kiera didn't see the other guys pokemon. She was confused not seeing two pokemon. The first guy was getting anxious. "Hurry up man!" The guy shouted. He was on edge and wanted the battle to move along. The second smirked. "As you wish." He spoke. He stuck his arm and out and shouted. "Swellow fly!" The flying type pokemon dove from the sky aiming for the Nuzleaf. "That's a flying type move. That Nuzleaf is gone." Kiera said quietly to herself. "Guah!" The boy said. The Nuzleaf was hit hard and slid back towards his trainer. "Nuzleaf!" The boy called running to his pokemon. He picked him up and looked to the victor. he handed him some money without a word and ran off to Rustboro City. The Swellow flew next to his trainer. "Nice work Ace." The guy said. "You can come out now." He looked toward where Kiera and her pokemon were. Kiera gulped and walked over. She hadn't mean to hide herself while she watched but she didn't want to distract anyone. "I-I didn't mean to spy." Kiera stammered. The guy faced her completely. "Calm down Ace won't hurt you." The guy said. "Not unless you want to battle her." Kiera's Taillow stared at Ace with awe. he was love struck. "I don't think we're strong enough to take you on sir." Kiera said. Poochyena nodded. The guy laughed. "You don't need to call me sir. I'm not that much older than you." He said. "My name's Christopher but just call me Chris." Kiera nodded. "Ok Chris. My name's Kiera." she said. "Do you mind me asking how old you are exactly?" She was eight and this guy acted and looked as if he was sixteen. "I'm ten kid." He said. "Almost eleven." Kiera nodded. Man was she wrong about his age. She guessed it was understandable given his appearance. "Well I best be off. I have a gym to beat." he spun on his heel and left. Ace fly after him. Taillow tried to follow after them but Poochyena stopped him shaking his head. Kiera watched him leave. There was something odd about him. Kiera shook the thought from her mind and looked to her pokemon. "Come on guys! We have a date with that gym leader too!" She smiled. Her pokemon nodded and the trio went off down the route.

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