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Just a kid?: Just a kid? Chapter 1

by Firetamer123

Firetamer123 A young girl and a small group of friends are told they are too young to start their journey. They manage to get their starter pokemon's despite what they are told. Will they make it on their own? Or will they have to go back home to Littleroot with shame?
It was an early monday morning. A young girl of eight woke up excitedly. She had decided that she would start her pokemon journey today. Her friends Matt and Jasmine were gonna come with her. She rushed to get dressed. She wore a black long sleeved shirt and baggy blue jeans. Her long black wavy hair was pulled into a ponytail. Once she was done she raced down stairs. her big brother Jason had already started his journey. The more she waited the more she wanted to go too. She hurriedly ate her breakfast. Her mother and father looked at her confused. "Why are you eating so fast Kiera?" Her father asked. Kiera didn't answer. She had a mouth full of pancakes to chew. "Slow down! Or you'll get the hiccups again!" Her mother warned. Kiera didn't heed her mother's warning. She was already stuffing more food in her mouth. By the time she was done she started hiccuping as her mother predicted. "I warned you." Her mother laughed. Kiera looked from her laughing mother to her puzzled father. "I'm eating fast because I'm gonna start my journey today!" She said excitedly. Her father and mother exchanged worried glances. "Sweetheart you're too young to start your journey." Her mother said. Kiera's father nodded. "But mom! Jason already went on his! If I don't go now I won't be half as strong as he is!" Kiera complained. Her mother put her hands on her hips. "You're too young Kiera, I don't want my little girl getting hurt. Now you will wait until you're at least ten before you start your own journey." She said sternly. Kiera stood up staring at her mother. "I'm going on my journey!! I don't want to wait anymore!" She exclaimed before dashing out the door. Her parents looked at each other then to the door. Kiera waited outside of the professor's lab for her friends. Jasmine came out of her house. A smile on her face and her brown hair flowing behind her. "Kiera!" She called. "Jasmine!" Kiera said. The two friends hugged each other. "So how'd it go?" Kiera asked. Jasmine caught her breath before speaking. "It went great! Dad was so supportive of me going out on my own to see the world!" Jasmine grinned. "What about you?" Kiera looked to the ground. "Well, Mom tried to stop me and dad didn't really say anything." She replied. Jasmine put a hand on her friend's shoulder. "hey it'll be alright." Jasmine said. Matt came out of his house quietly. He had snuck out and left a note on the table. "hey guys!" he said running over to them. "hey Matt how'd it go?" Kiera asked. Matt shrugged. "I don't know yet. I kinda just left a note." he said. Jasmine and Kiera looked at him. "Um ok then." Jasmine said. "Let's get our pokemon then." The trio walked inside the Pokemon lab. Professor Birch was inside going over notes. Matt was nine and a half. Jasmine was eight and a half. Kiera was the youngest and the most mature of the trio. "Professor Birch?" Kiera said walking up to him. her friends behind her. "Who might you three be?" Professor Birch asked them. He looked from one kid to the other. "I'm Kiera and these are my friend's Jasmine and Matt." She said gesturing to her friends. Matt gave a tiny wave before running a hand through his dirty blond hair. "Ah, what can I do you three for?" Birch asked them. The three kids stood side by side now. "We would like our starter pokemon for our journey sir." Kiera said. Birch smiled at them and went over to a table with three poke balls. Each holding their own special pokemon. "You three seem rather young to be starting your journey but alas who am I to judge?" He said standing behind the three pokeballs. The kids moved standing on the other side of the table. "In these poke balls are Treecko a grass type, Torchic a fire type, and Mudkip a water type. Please choose wisely." He instructed. The trio looked at the poke balls curiously while debating which one they should chose in their heads. Matt chose first. He decided on Mudkip. "Wise choice Matt." Birch said before handing him his pokedex and some poke balls. Kiera chose next. She took Treecko which left Jasmine with Torchic. They too received their pokedexes and poke balls. "Be safe out their kids. And remember you can only have six pokemon on your team." The kids nodded and ran for route 1. "I can't believe it!" Jasmine said cheerfully. "me either!" Matt exclaimed. "I know!" Kiera said. They all held their poke balls out. "Should we battle?" Kiera asked. Jasmine shook her head. "Nah, I want my Torchic to be nice and strong for when we capture our second member our team." Jasmine said. "I'll meet you guys at Petalburg City." She ran off disappearing into route 1. "We should train a bit and learn about our pokemon before we battle." Matt said. "I will battle you at Petalburg Kiera." Matt released his Mudkip who looked around. "Come on Mudkip!" Matt said. He ran off ahead. His mudkip ran after him. Kiera nodded understanding. She was left alone at beginning of route 1. She released her Treecko. "Looks like it's just us." Kiera said. Her Treecko looked at her. "Come on let's go." Kiera said. She started walking through route 1. Her Treecko followed. Kiera was fidgeting with her pokedex when a poochyena jumped out at her. Kiera jumped not ready for it. Treecko moved in front ready to fight. "Um uh Treecko use pound!" Kiera said. Treecko shot forward to attack. The opposing Poochyena used tackle. Both pokemon landed their attacks. "Treecko use absorb." Kiera said. The poochyena used tackle again. The poochyena was weakened enough for be capture. Treecko had healed himself from absorb. Kiera threw a poke ball at the poochyena. Treecko used this time to rest for a minute. The poke ball moved. 1....2....3.... *click* She caught it. Kiera cheered happily and picked up her new pokemon. "Good job Treecko!" Kiera said. Treecko smiled proud of itself. The two continued on through the route. It wasn't long. before she was at the end of route 1. A trainer was there with some pokemon. Kiera was about to walk past when the trainer walked up to her. "Hey you!" He said. He appeared to be twelve. "Let's battle!" He challenged. Kiera was hesitant before accepting. "Your on!" She said. Treecko took on a defensive stance. The boy let out a lilipup. "Lilipup use tackle!" The boy said. Treecko jumped back moving fast to avoid the attack. "Treecko use pound!" Kiera called. Treecko retaliated using pound. "Lilipup tackle!" blow after blow each pokemon took damage. "Treecko absorb!" Kiera shouted. Treecko healed itself with Absorb and fainted the foe's lilipup. "I'll get you next time!" The boy said. "But here." The boy gave her some money for winning. Kiera nodded and took her prize before moving onto the next town. "We made it to Oldale Town Treecko." Kiera said. She walked toward the pokemon center to heal her pokemon. She saw Matt heading onto the next route. Jasmine was rushing out of the pokemart. "Alright Treecko return." Kiera said holding out it's poke ball. It did without resistance. Kiera was proud of herself. She survived her first trainer battle and route 1. "Hey maybe I'll get you both sexed while I'm here." Kiera said before walking inside. It would be nice to know what gender her pokemon were. She walked up to nurse Joy. "Hello!" She said cheerfully. "What can I do for you young lady?" Kiera held out her poke balls to the nurse. "Could you heal them for me? Oh! And also could you tell me what gender they are?" She asked. Nurse Joy took the pokemon. "Oh course sweetie. Just give me a moment." She left the counter for a few minutes before returning. "Here you go young lady." Nurse Joy smiled handing her back her pokemon. "Your Treecko and Poochyena are both boys." Kiera took her pokemon back and put them in her side bag. "Thank you Nurse Joy." She said. "Your welcome little lady! Be safe now!" Nurse Joy smiled. Kiera left the pokemon center and headed to the pokemart. "Let's see. I need some potions and maybe some poke balls..." She thought to herself as she entered. She browsed around before deciding to get four potions and three pokeballs. She paid for them with the money she earned from her previous battle. She happily left with her new supplies and headed for the next route.
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