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Jumping on the Nuzwaggon #1

by Pokemastermon

Pokemastermon Welcome to the Emerald Wedlocke where our protagonist tries to play matchmaker Team:Nobody it's very lonely
*Vroom* *Ring Ring* *Click* "Alright i'm not in the mood to talk so make it quick." Teri groaned "Hey Teri!" Brendan cheerfully said "Why do I have your number on this Pokenav?" Teri asked "I gave you my number like along time ago." Brendan explained "Oh yeah back when we were friends." *Screech* "The truck stopped I think I need to get out now bye call you back!" "Hello honey!" Teri's mom said "Sorry don't have time to talk, I have to leave adventure stuff. Could you please understand?" Teri explained. "HELP!" Professor Birch screamed. "Alright alright I'll help you stop screaming!" Teri shouted trying to calm Birch down "Now who do I choose?" Who will Teri choose to defend Birch find out next time!