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Digimon Fusion Next: Jumanjimon

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Name: Jumanjimon
Level: Rookie
Appearance: Jumanjimon has the top half of a jaguar, the bottom half of a rhino, and the tail of a serpent (Which consists of a serpent’s body and head). A drum is attached to its back via a strap.
Previous form: Jumamon
Next form: Junglemon
Attacks: Tail Bite: Uses the serpent’s head on its tail to bite the opponent.
Disheartening Drum: Takes the drum off of its back and beats out the Jumanji drumbeat, causing their opponent to lose courage.
Name origin/s: Jumanji: From the game of the same name.
Other info: This Digimon resides in the Jungle Zone. At times its drums will start beating on their own (the same drumbeat from Jumanji), which unnerves many.