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Journey Through Terru! Chapter 1: The Big Day

by The Blue Blur

The Blue Blur This Is A Story Based On My Made Up Region Terru! Its Has A Hoenn Base And Has No Bad Guys And I Have Some Characters As Well To Go With This In The Creative Corner. Feel Free To Tell Me If I Make Some Mistakes Or Suggestions. Enjoy!
"Woah!" I yelled as I fell out of the moving van.

"You alright sweetie!? Have a scraped knee or elbow that needs a bandage!?" My mom panicked thinking she didn't lock the door tight enough.

"Mom I'm FINE." I say and sigh.

"Well okay then Pixel... You can bring your box upstairs and set up your room however you like!" My mom said in her sing-song voice that I've been used to since I can't remember my dad's voice...or anything about him at that.

There was a bed with pink sheets that I switched to have light blue sheets, a desk that I put a lily and my adventure book I made when I was little on, and a clock. There was also a window if that counts...

After I finished, my mom said to introduce myself next door to the neighbors. She told me that they would know me. There was a lady inside.

"You must be Pixel! Your father has told so much about you! Your friend's upstairs!" She said and smiled as I went upstairs thinking about so much like how did she know my nickname and my dad? Did my dad know only to call me Pixel? How does my dad know how to tell people about me? Who is upstairs and why are they already my friend?

To Be Continued~