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Journey From Our Lives: Journey From Our Lives- Chapter 1-2

by PikminCommanderJ

"What.....what happened? That's Rose's ribbon, how did it get here", Ace asked stumbling back slightly. "I don't know, but it appears to be in one piece. Look, no scratches no tears, and not even a spec of dirt on it", Mambo replied back. Ace looked around in concern as to where Rose might be, but then started to focus on their current situation, before speaking up. "I don't know whats going on, but we need to get out of here. First we'll locate Claira and Rose, then we'll formulate a plan", he said before he tried to turn on his communicator. "That wont work, I've already tried. Something here is jamming the signal, so we don't have contact with the outside world, or even with each other", Mambo said, looking around. They both began to wonder what this place was used for. Was it some kind of trap for them, or some kind of punishment......perhaps the agency they worked for got a little friendly with the word expendable.....but they both laughed at the subject, for not even their own agency would reinforce such a cruel concept.
"Ok, lets find the girls, and see what we can do to get out of here", Ace said as he and Suave began to hop aboard the floating rocky platforms. Shortly after, Mambo a Riley followed. "Surely if we go up higher we'll have a better view of the area, and hopefully we'll locate them, Ace said before stopping in his tracks. "Whats wrong Ace, why'd you stop" Mambo asked as he caught up. "It.....its nothing....."he said sounding, sounding as if he was questioning himself on something. Suddenly they heard a mysterious laugh come from out the darkness. The laugh was deep, bone chilling, and sounded very menacing. "Look at you four. Like tiny helpless bugs cowering before their destroyer. I almost feel sorry for you poor fools", the voice called out from the darkness. "Who speaks? Show yourself" Mambo yelled out as they all looked around. "Over here, and get a good look, cause i'll be the last person you see before you see before i burn you all to a crisp", a voice said before its origin was pinpointed.
Out of the darkness a Magmortar emerged, but....something was different about him.....besides the whole talking thing. He looked a little more.....fierce. And mixing with the flames on his body was a shadowy like aura. His eyes were also completely black.....which gave off even more of a fierce feeling. "Wh.....who are you? Where are we", Ace demanded. "Hu, your not surprised about me talking, the Magmortar asked whilst smiling. "No, we're kinda used to some pokemon talking to us" Mambo said as he and Ace looked down at Riley. "And you probably have a few more psychic types at your agency as well, am i right" the Magmortar asked. "What agency? "What are you blathering about? Agency", Ace said trying to cover up their secret. "You can stop playing dumb you know, i learned everything i needed to know from master G....almost let it slip. Anyway, i learned all i need to know about you four, and your female partners as well", he said as he floated down towards the group. "Hey, what have you done to them" Ace yelled out. "Relax. I decided to leave them to my partner, while i went after you all, however with any luck, they are probably already finished off..." "Bite your tongue hothead! Clearly, you know whats going on here, so you gonna tell us how we got here or what? Mambo said crossing his arms. "I could, but what would be the fun in that? And besides, you'll be long gone before it matters", the magmortar said shaking his head. "Tch, Lets go guys, we should be able to find them if we go the direction he came from", Ace motioned his teammates to follow. Just then, a huge fiery G symbol landed in front of their path. There the Magmortar stood, with his arm canon pointed out. "I didn't show up to throw you a party", The Magmortar shouted as he jumped into the center of the flame. "Master told me not destroy you, he wanted to do that himself, but i dont think he'll mind if i just present you to him half destroyed", he said as his flame grew brighter. "Fine.....be that way, we'll just have to go through you" Ace shouted as him and Mambo told their pokemon partners to get ready for a fight.