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Joltz And The Murder Eevees: Joltz And The Murder Eevee's Part 2: The Murderporeons

by JoltzTheStar

JoltzTheStar Some Of The Murder Eevees Have Evolved... Into Vaporeons. Also Sorry For Breaking The 4th Wall
Murderporeons Surrounded Joltz :o
Then They Fell Asleep :'|
Joltz:Ummmm....Other Joltz..... Seriously
Other Joltz(Me):I Honestly Cant Be Bothered To Make The Story Intresting Joltz
Joltz:Then Just Make A Pun Or Something
Other Joltz(Me):I Will... If You Stop Breaking The 4th Wall
A Deep Eeveeil (Pun Intended) Grew Inside Eevees Hearts
The Eeveeil (Pun Still Intended) Is Rising
Joltz:Thats An Amazing Pun!!!!
Other Joltz(Me):Joltz... 4th Wall