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Joltin and Marlectric

by Faviba

Joltin evolution.png
Faviba A fish fakemon of my good ol Sabrina Region, i'm still at the beginning though.
Please tell me how you think of it, drawn on MS Paint
(Mind my shading skills)

Both Joltin and Marlectric store their energy in a red stripe which also holds the electrical power in Joltin/Marlectric. Joltin, without its 'second horn', it blows bubbles that holds electrical power from its snout while Marlectric had its 'second horn' which also holds the electrical power. Whenever Marlectric feels threatened, they had a full control over their 'horn' to turn sharp like a thunder bolt, resulting more electrical power zapping into the horn. To show their friendliness over Joltins, they control their 'horn' in order to play with them.
  1. Sky Captain
    Sky Captain
    This is pretty great for having been done in MS Paint :D Especially if you used a mouse. I will say their names sound an awful lot like Joltik and Manectric, but that's just me being too observant. '^^
    Jan 12, 2017