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stand name could be called crab rave

by El Spazzino

El Spazzino So I made a stand. The design is based off a Pokemon.
I call it,

Magic Moment
Namesake: Jay and the Americans
Ability: Magic Moment is able to turn any body of water to solid rock, which is why I call it’s ability Solidify. It also has tremendous speed, going up to it’s top speed, Mach 19. With this speed, it can go into a variety of tactics. The legs are sharp as well. It’s weakness is that it’s durability, despite their appearance, is very low. One hit from an enemy stand would instantly damage it, so Magic Moment has extremely talented reflexes and precision.

Magic Moment is very energetic, constantly moving and independent for better or for worse.

I’m not very good at this, so other JoJo people of Pokecharms,
Give me your knowledge because I might have forgot a few things.