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Join the Series! In the Light!

by Shadewing

Shadewing Im totally into warriors and I'm so glad I got to be included in the Warrior Cats Fan club here at Charms! I am creating a written works series that is interactive; my characters? You! Here...

Is where you can add your character to my series. Spots are limited, but I still have many more to fill! Please enter your character and help me out!

Warriors in picture

Smallkit-the grey one with Yellow eyes in the bottom left
Clan- RainClan
Status-Kit (if you are a queen, you are allowed to adopt him as your Kit)

Dawnberry-the dune one with darker underbelly (I don't like how she turned out...)

Fawnlight-the brown one with lighter brown speckles in her flank.
Status-Medicine Cat

Shadepaw-the grey one with the smokey underfur and paws.
Status-apprentice,(Apprentice to @Bluefeather Coldshine)

Come and join please! I would love to incorporate your characters! :)

~Joy the Luma
  1. Localised
    tanks :D
    Nov 6, 2015
  2. Shadewing
    I'm so sorry! I didn't see your post! Of course I'll draw your OC!
    Nov 6, 2015
    MidnightMedia likes this.
  3. Shadewing
    I actually am using my own custom made clans. We have Mistclan, Fogclan, Rainclan, and Snowclan. I would love to enter both, you just need to tell me which clan! :)
    Nov 6, 2015
  4. _Umbreon_
    MouseKit is a character of mine! Feel free to use him. He is Light gray with little dark grey swirls and speckles. He is male and a member of Riverclan. He will be Aprentticed to DuskFeather, who is also male. He has Dark grey fur, white under belly and paws, and black tiger stripes.
    Nov 6, 2015
  5. Localised
    ooh can u draw my oc ? :3
    Nov 6, 2015