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Johto Chronicle: Johto Chronicle 1: Embark To New Bark!

by Harlei

Harlei Jinette makes her way to New Bark Town.
"RHYYYYYYY!" Rhyhorn exclaims, charging at Jinette's bed. "THUD," Jinette falls to the ground.
"EEP!" shouted Jinette, hitting her head on the bed.
"I see you're up, dear," Jinette's mother said, "Happy birthday." As soon as her mom finishes speaking, her mother's Rhyhorn, Rheese, goes up and starts licking Jinette's face. Jinette grimaces in a look of disgust.
"Yeah, Rheese, you can stop now pleeeeease." Jinette said, covering her face with a pillow. Rheese then scuttled to her mother's side.
"I'll be downstairs dear!" her mother exclaimed, running out of her room, "Love youuuuuuu!" Jinette's mother was always a bit on the eccentric side.
Soon as her mother was out of sight, Jinette swiftly shut her door and started dressing. She slips on a frilled turquoise tank top and dark blue leggings, not leaving her room without her signature sparkly bow.
Heading downstairs, her mother calls her over to the door.
"Jinette," her mom said, "I think it's time."
"Time for what?"
"Time for you to go get your first Pokemon. You can handle it, I know it." Jinette squeals with excitement.
"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the best birthday EVER!"

"But," her mom said, "You'll have to journey to New Bark Town and see Professor Elm. So, I'll be sending you with your cousin, Ross." This made Jinette a bit upset.
"Ross?! But we're only a city away from New Bark! I can make it!" Jinettte said angrily. Ross, as if on queue, bursts through the door.
"You ready to go, Jin?" Ross asks, taking her by the hand and starts running towards Route 29.
"Nooooooo!" Jinette yells, being dragged closer to the route.

"It'll be fine, honey!" her mother yelled from a distance, "Ross will protect you from wild Pokemon!"

To be continued...
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  1. Azur
    Haha, nice start! I can see this story going very well. I will be watching for more. :)
    Feb 14, 2015