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A New Begginning: John's Adventure: Sales for pokes

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper kinda short but I hope you like you can see Omega, Sylv, and CandyCane in one of my art called Meet the Team.
John: I guess I'll name you John not much ideas right now.
John: Mud kip:blush:
John: Guess that's a yes ok the exit should be right there ok had no luck with encountering pokemon and the trainers were all tired because of Sylv her Mudkip must be really strong.
*They exit Santalune Forest
Salesman 1: Come one come all to a mart of items never seen outside of here.
John: Mud kip Mud kip.
John: Hey John come and look at this.
John: Mudkip?
John: It's a Mudkip suit it reminds me of my old friend try it on.
John: Mudkip:@
John: It's amazing I'll buy it.
Salesman 2: Thanks for the buy everything here is free two.
John: Awesome.
Salesman 3: Hey kid come here wanna see some freaks?
John: Ok but I'm not calling them freaks.
Salesman 3: Fine but come here.
John: Ok what:o
Salesman 3: Cool right some horrible pokemon with different colors that's why they're called freaks.
John: I'll buy them.
Salesman 3: Fine.
John: Ok I'll name you Sylv you CandyCane and you Omega.
Salesmen: Bye.
John: Ok time to go.