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Jimmy Neutron VS Pokemon PROMO

by DipperPony59

DipperPony59 The Promo/Short Backstory Of My New Sieres
October 27th, 2015- Retroville
"Ok Guys I'm Almost Done With The Diemensional Transporter, It Just Needs One Final Touch, A Soda Can" Said Jimmy, "Why Do You Need A Soda Can?" Asked Sheen, "Yeah, What Sheen Said" Said Carl. "Oh, Well The Different Flavors Of Fanta Determine Which Diamension I Go To, Strawberry Is The 2nd Diamension, Cherry The 3rd-" Said Jimmy Before Carl Acidently Dropped Is Orange Fanta And It Rolled Into The Transportation Slot, -CAN ENTERED TRANSPORTATION SLOT- A Computeric Voice Said Before Locking Jimmy Inside The Machine, "Oooh I Wonder What This Button Does" Said Sheen Right Before He Pressed It, "NOOOOOOO" Said Jimmy Before He Passed Out. He Woke Up When A Weird Looking Robin Pecked Him, "Where Am I.." Said Jimmy, "Wake Up.. Son" Said A Voice
To Be, Started?