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Jessie's travels: Jessie's travels chapter 4:getting a friend

by Chris the trainer150

Chris the trainer150 Jessie finally meets, and gets his first, main, team member, also his future ace
When jessie passed out, he started dreaming, he dreamt that he would someday be an even better dragon master than lance himself, he dreamt he would travel all over the world, catching dragons, and training them to dangerously high levels, challenging the pokemon leagues, and becoming the ultimate chapion of all regions, even battling the most renowned dragon master, Cynthia, yes, someday he would have a team of dragons to challenge, and beat her, he'd start with a Dragonite...or so he thought, then when his dream was at the high point...he was woken up by his mother. "JESSIE!!!! YOUR AWAKE!!!!!" She screamed as she tackled him in a hug that almost broke his spine and ribs. "Ow mom, my ribs" he said as he was rubbing away the pain "I'm awake ...what day is it mom?" The Robin hood hatted teen asked. She thought for a minute and replied "it's your birthday jessie, your finally getting a Pokémon, professor Rowan is coming over to let you pick". Just then, a gible came into the room, and jumped on Jessie's head. "Oh, I almost forgot, this gible dragged you home after Forrest found you the other day, other than eating and...it hasn't left your bedside at all, and it sleeps at the foot of your bed to keep watch". Jessie was stunned. "A-a pokémon, that doesn't even know me,wanted to help me?" His mother nodded with a smile "maybe this gible could be your second pokemon, after which ever you get from the professor" Jessie shook his head "no, because he saved me, I want him as my first, do you have any pokeballs mom?" She handed him one. "H-hey gible, you saved my life, and I was wondering...would you like to go on an adventure and get stonger?" The gible thought for a moment, and nodded "ok" Jessie smiles and places the pokeball to gible, gible goes in, and stays in.
  1. Sylvious
    Aug 2, 2015
  2. Chris the trainer150
    Chris the trainer150
    My bad, I meant chapter 4, I'll get it right next chapter
    May 25, 2015