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The Melancholy of the Demon Lord Sai.: Jealousy

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is the 14th chapter of the Melancholy of the Demon lord Sai, and before you read any of this, I ask that you read the earlier chapters for clarification! Enjoy! #summercamp15
Chapter 14- Jealousy
Pierre and a group of knights looked at the castle that was in front of them. “Is this the place?”

Pierre smiled. “Yes, it is!”

“Are you sure that demons live here?”

“They have to! I attacked the demon and he fought back!”

The oldest knight chimed in. “Pierre, if you attacked me, I would fight back, and beat you, just like this man did.”

Another knight was curious, and asked,“What did he fight with?”

“He fought just with a cane, and no magic, or that’s what I saw.”

The oldest knight smiled, this investigation was going nowhere.“We need more information about this before we actually fight. We need more permission than ever because war’s going to break out sooner or later. I suggest we ask the towns people before doing anything else.”

“We’re hundreds of miles away from the border! How would they ever attack this village?”

“It takes a demon about a day to get here if they fly straight. We have to be prepared no matter what.”

Another knight chimed into the conversation.“It’s highly unlikely though.”

“Oh, I forgot to mention, a girl saved me after that man knocked me out.”

A young knight smiled, this young love was too cute!“Perhaps she’s a demon too.”

“Her? She’s not a demon of any sort.”

“If she’s human, she must be a slave for those demons.”

“She’s my savior; I have to find her again! If you see her, please tell me!”

“You can do a full search once you become a knight Pierre; you’re just not of age yet. But one day, when you grow up, you’ll be a great commander, just like your father.”

Sara walked to the dinner table in a fancy dress, and saw that Mercy took her usual spot on the table, the seat right next to Sai.

She stared at Mercy, and didn’t want to be rude, but she felt most comfterble right next to him.Any other place no matter what Cecil did to move her as a kid, she always felt weirded out sitting there. Cecil’s seat across from them was empty, why couldn’t she sit there? There’s enough chairs for all of us, and if she does sit in Cecil’s seat, he can always sit somewhere else.

“Mercy, I’m sorry if I’m being a bit rude, but the seat you’re sitting on is my seat.”

“Oh, I apologize for that. If you’d like to sit there, you can now.” Mercy stood up, and walked to the next seat across from them both, which was Cecil’s seat.

“Sara, why did you do that?”

“I’m sorry father, I just don’t feel right not sitting in this seat.”

“I understand. I have a usual spot for when I eat, and this spot is right here! If anyone dares to take it, I’ll properly fight them with a spar, and then I’ll win!

“So, Sara, how do you like this place?” She started playing with her fork, although it seemed at first that she had manners, it didn’t look like it anymore.

Sara smiled in joy, as her past 14 years was in total peace. “I love it! It has everything that I want, and everything I need!”

“Would you like to live outside of this place?”

“Nope! Bad people live outside of the castle, so why would I leave?”

“Remember, this reality is a dream. I want to bring Sai back to where he belongs.”

“Where he belongs?”

“Well, yes. He belongs right next to me, like he always does!”

Sai chimed in. “I belong to Sara, and you have Rafael.”

“Phooey. I don’t want him! I want you! ~”

Cecil walked in carrying a tray, and their food, a beautiful sirloin steak with lobster bisque as an add-on. He then walked to the piano and started to play some Chopin. Mercy dragged Sai’s hand, and said, “Let’s dance!”

Sara watched in horror, as the two danced together. She never experienced this feeling before, was this the feeling of jealousy? She couldn’t watch, and took her food upstairs to her room.

She saw that his steps weren't as accurate as they danced long ago. “You’ve gotten rusty in dancing.”

“I don’t court ladies all that often, you know.”

She whispered into his ear.“I will kill her. Just her being there makes me jealous of you two.”

He held her tighter than before. “If you lay a finger on her, I’ll destroy you.”

“Since when do you care for a human?”

“Since now. I’ve changed more than you think, Mercy.”

She sighed. “You’ve changed for the worse.”

“I’ll change for the better in the future.”

“So Rafael knew about this the entire time, correct?”

He sighed. “As soon as he saw her, yes.”

He saw a silent tear flowing down on her eyes.“To think we were childhood friends, that all seems like a fairy tale now. Will we ever play again?”

“Mercy, we’ve all grown up. You’re the only one who hasn’t grown up yet.”

“No, I’ve grown up more than you think. I think you’re the one who hasn’t grown up.”


She let go of her grip on Sai, and distanced herself away from him. “You’re living in a fairy tale dream. Do you really think that human will be your wife? She will drag you down, and kill you, even before she knows.”

“She won’t find out.”

“She’s pretty close to finding out, if it wasn’t obvious already. I’ll take my leave, and I’ll be back when you come back to your old self.”

He chuckled. “What is my old self anymore? How do I get it back?”

“The sinister demon king, one of the best rulers of the kingdom, who was never this kind to anyone. In his full form, he could kill anyone on sight of the horror that is our king. I have no right to call you king until you come back to your old self, and I believe killing that girl is the right thing to do. We are waiting for you, and she is only in the way. If you don’t kill her first, then we will. Good day.” She quickly left the castle.
Two knocks came to Sara's door, as Sai knew that she was in there."Sara, would you like a dance?"
Silent tears were wiped off of her face, and she made herself look as good as she could before walking out. As she opened the door, a smile came across her face. "Sure!"
The two danced for what it seemed to be all night.
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