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JChar's Adventure in Hoenn

by JChar

JChar What is to come of this tale?
I woke up, knowing it was the day; the one day I had been waiting for all of my life. So many questions that I had: Which starter was I to choose, what would I name it, where do I go?! I was totally unprepared, but I still headed outside, however a little boy was shouting. "Help, that man is in danger!" I went over to where the boy was standing, and to my surprise, Prof.Birch was being chased by a wild poocheyena. "JChar, my boy, help me! There are three pokémon in my briefcase!" I went over to the briefcase and saw three pokéballs containing a treecko, torchic and mudkip. I thought that choosing one of these pokémon would help me to choose my starter pokémon. I picked up one of the pokéballs and sent out the pokéon in which it contained. "Go mudkip!" A battle started between the mudkip and poocheyena. Mudkip seemed to know what it was doing so it fought on its own, defeating the wild poocheyena in two hits! "Thank you JChar, I don't know what I would have done if you weren't here, haha! As a gift you can keep that mudkip since I know today you start your Pokémon adventure"