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Me and my Friends as Anime villains: Jaw - The Jade Turtle

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain next up the Otaku of the group :D

Jaw - The Jade Turtle

A prideful warrior with a big ego, Jaw is an impenetrable walking fort, with a magic sword that shoots green flame and a magic shield that can turn into a green fiery turtle, he can definitely take on an army alone and not break a sweat

Strength - 1.5 (despite the Armor and magic tools he is still human)

Defense - 3 (of course i had to make the fat one the bulky one, Heck he insisted on it too)

Intelligence - 1.5 (not too bright, both the character and the guy IRL)

Speed - 1 (what did you expect? A speedy turtle?)

Power - 1 (his fiery attacks can only be used with his sword, but it counts)
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