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Jaune Arc and Patamon

by NerdyNinja

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NerdyNinja Name:Jaune Arc
Gender: Male
Digivice: White/Yellow Fusion Loader
Jaune and the rest of team Jnpr, were on mission simular to that of Team RWBY, but it was in the other direction, as team jnpr walked, they found a ancient ruin, with four mysterious devices, in the middle of a huge rock. They each picked one up, the machines responded by changing colors that matched thier holders. Jaune recieved a White and yellow device. Before they could do much, a portal opened and sucked team JNPR in.When Jaune awoke, he saw a field with a ton load of eggs, there were eggs everywhere. That's when Jaune herd someoneyell
"Stay Away Poacher"!
Jaune thought was ithe voice meaning him?
Suddenly Jaunde saw a thunderbolt fly at him. He grabbed his sheild just in time and blocked it. He saw a small red creature, rowling at him.
"Who are you"? the creature asked
"Are you here to steal my babies"!?
Jaune then realised why these eggs were bigger than normal. He introduced himself, and said he had no intention of stealing nything, he didn't even know where he was. The creature seemed to belive him, and led him into a house. The creature said his name was Elecmon, and he was the gaurdian of the Primairy Village, a place where all Digimon began...
Jaune was confused. he didn't know what a digimon was, maybe some type of animal. Before he could figure it out, a small whie thing leapt into his lap. It smiled and cuddeled right up to him.
"That's my black sheep Tokomon", Elecmon said, he causes all kinds of mischief but he just likes to play. Jaune petted the small creature, andhis device glowed, a light hit Tokomon and it changed. Now Jaune saw a orange creature with two long wing like ears.
"I'm Patamon"! the creature said.
Elecmon gasped, he aksed about how jaune got that device, Jaune told him everything. Then elecmon told him it was a digivice. A devce that allows Digimon to evolve into higher levels, Elecmon also stated that whoever has one, also has a digimon partner and where he made Tokomon evolve, they must be partners. Before Jaune could process all of this there was a screeching ound, they seen a giant blue bird fly over the house.
"ThunderBirdmon"! Elecmon said. Elecmon said that ThunderBirdmon had tried several times to steal Digieggs, but Elecmon always shocked him away. Elecmon tried to shoot an attack, but nothing hppened.This was because he had used hi energy up already when he encountered Jaune, they were defenseless.
Jaune tried to fight the bird by slashing at it, but it did nothing, Patamon tried a boom bubble, but ThunderBirdmon as too strong, he headbutted Patamon away. Jaune rushed over, and put the little guy in his arms.
"It's useless"! Elecmon said.
"ThunderBirdmon is too strong"!
But Jaune wouldn't give in, he knew no matter how tough, he could never give up. Suddenly his device glowed a second time, surrounding Patamon in a ight.
"If it worked before, It can work agian"> Jaune said, his courage allowed Patamn to digivolve again into an angel like digimon, with four wings and a long staff, Angemon. Angmon threw a Hand of Fate and wiped out ThunderBirdmon for good. Elecmon thanked him. And said that there was a town not too far from here, and he might find his friends there, so Jaune set off, with Patamon on his shoulder, and a new confidence in himself, Watched over by his Gaurdian Angemon...
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