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Jasper's team: Jasper and Lea

by Silvally

Jasper and Lea.jpg
Silvally Jasper and Lea the Hydreigon. Lea as an Deino was originally Owned by a trainer who only valued Power the trainer became angered at the amount of time it was taking Lea to evolve even once beginning to become physically violent towards the Irate Pokemon but Lea continued to try to evolve in a fight against Jasper the trainer used Lea in the battle whip her to make her fight harder in that moment Lea had enough attacking her trainer viciously the trainer bleeding and scared ran off dropping Lea's Poke ball which she smashed. Jasper, noticing Lea's was wounded and weak and to far from a Pokemon center caught Lea in a heal ball Lea began to follow Jasper thankful and happy that Jasper never rushed her evolution choosing to let her grow at her own time after becoming a Hydreigon Lea became much more crazy with only Jasper able to control her Lea true to her species Loves to eat often leaving to team to find food but she is still a reliable Pokemon. Lea uses a Focus sash in order to be able to dish out as much damage as possible.
  1. PaisleySeeker63
    I think Hyfreigon is just the coolest Pokémon around...
    Mar 23, 2018
    Silvally likes this.