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Ivy (not my oc)

by GalaxyEspeon

PNG image 55.png
GalaxyEspeon OMG, I’ve finally posted something! After a whole month, I’m back. I’m very sorry that I died, it’s just the 30-day-trust thing went off and I had to find the effing email, and it was just annoying, the whole process. But, I’m back now so, that’s a good thing.
FYI, this oc belongs to @TessaBaeGal who made it on gacha club. For the record, she is NOT one of those r/gachalifecringe kids, and actually makes good ocs.

Another notice, thank you @AxlTheM@n for following me, you are officially a neutron star (that’s what I’m calling my followers now) and I hope you enjoy my content!

  1. Ranboo
    Nice! It's really good!
    Oct 21, 2021
    GalaxyEspeon likes this.