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It's Worse Than Imagined.

by Spooky Sploosh

Spooky Sploosh After reading what is said to be absolutely the worst fanfic of all time...life...life starts to become grammatically incorrect.

So I read "My Immortal". The whole thing. Whole thing I mean like what the author got as much done until she stopped. 44 Chapters. 44 Chapters. Dear god I could have written an entire series that by default would be better. Oh well. I can shrug it off and continue on with my life.


I went to school, and somehow I made several spelling errors on a written response. How could that be? I'm a nearly perfect child with A's across my repot card. My teacherr said they were very few and at least you could tell what word I was trying to spell. It's still emberrasing. It feels like Im screwing up a lot of things resently.


It hapen again. How do you mispell your own nam? It was again, embearising. I just want to listen to some music to calm myself.


...For some reason I listened to Good Charlotte and Marilyn Manson for the lolz, and it sounded goods. SOMEONE WAKE ME UP! WAKE ME UP INSODE!


Okay sumthing is rong with me, im not kiding. It fels like it is geting wosre and worse with evry passing day. I don't even know how to bckspace so that's a prombllem.


For some reaosn i feel like hatting my parents and going ro Hot Topic. I need to pierce my nose and hate the preps.

AN: Fangz to my besst friend DarkSatanSexSlave666 fpr helpin me wif gettin da blood for the party to drink!!11!!1! Fuk u prepz, ill drink blood whenever i want.

I just recovered. What the hell did I even do to my body?
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  1. Popplio
    That.. Was actually pretty good. And true. I sometime reads bad fanfiction, and then. I start to spell wrong. But only a bit.
    Apr 18, 2016