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"Its ToSAki"

by DemonMew

DemonMew I was finally able to access a printer to scan this drawing over and I have already uploaded it to DeviantART and Instagram. I absolutely adore Tosaki from Ajin, I think he is such an underrated character and needs more love. It is hilarious the amount of times people say his name wrong, he gets so angry lmao!! I love his little beauty spot too, I am surprised no one mentions it in the anime lol

I really want him to be happy, but from the looks of the manga that does not seem likely now, I wont give anything away, I myself have not read the manga so I do not know too many spoilers at least [​IMG] I will read that one day when I get the chance [​IMG]

Can people like please do more fanart of him! [​IMG] lol
  1. DemonMew
    Aww thank you! :D :3
    Feb 20, 2019
  2. The Ultimate Unlucky N
    Feb 17, 2019
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