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It's Only A Dream

by Ivan8pie

Ivan8pie Just imagine... you have mythical creatures by your side during your youth and remainder of your life. You've had many great adventures with them, and you're best friends with all of them, until you realize, that it's only a dream.
We've all had that vision; waking up on your tenth birthday, eating a big breakfast, cleaning yourself up, running to the professor's lab, and obtaining your very first Pokémon. Your professor would then ask you to go out and complete their dream; seeing and capturing every Pokémon. Then you would begin to set out on your very own journey, and suddenly be stopped by a kid that you know, who was nice enough to let you choose your own Pokémon before they did. That person would be known as your rival; your own personal enemy of some sort. Then you would battle to see who gets the first laugh; they have the ideal "advantage" because of typing, but that doesn't slow you down. You recollect your knowledge from studying and watching others battle, and use that as a guide to defeating your own rival. Only one can win, so you give it your all, but fall short. Your rival starts to act snotty, and takes off. You decide to take your time going to the next town, and on your way, you see another person about your age, but the opposite sex. That person ends up being your friend, and you see them along the way during your journey. They started a few days ahead of you, and they give you a few tips for becoming a Pokémon trainer. They show you how to catch a Pokémon, use certain items, and they even give you some Poke balls. They basically get you started. After that, you begin to walk towards the next town, but you suddenly hear bushes start to shake. You think to yourself, "what was that?" and you check to see. All of a sudden, a wild Pokémon appears! You and your partner are ready for battle, and you weaken the foe. Your Pokémon takes a couple of hits, but the foe is weaker than you. After a couple of hits, you then try to make a choice; do I want this Pokémon on my team? If so, you toss the Poke ball hoping to hit the encountered Pokémon. After three wiggles, the Pokémon is caught, and you say to yourself, "I caught my very first Pokémon!" and you continue from there.

Throughout your journey, you decide to challenge the eight gym leaders of the region in which you live in. The first gym leader usually uses Pokémon that are leveled between ten and fourteen, and by then your Pokémon should be in that same range. As you continue further into your journey, the battles get tougher and tougher. Once you get your eighth gym badge you decide to challenge the Elite Four; the top trainer's of the region. Their Pokémon usually consist of one or two types; it could be any type. Some of your Pokémon have a type advantage, and some don't. That's where the trainer needs to make a choice; can my Pokémon handle the opponent, or should I try to switch out? It all depends on what you're up against.

Trainers who have beat the Elite Four and Champion are crowned the new champ. But, who was the previous champion? My lord, it was your rival. The person who beat you in your first battle against each other, the person who insulted you along the way, and now, this is the biggest opportunity to show your opponent how far you've come, how much hard work and dedication you've put into training your own Pokémon, and most importantly, how much you love and care for your Pokémon. On the biggest stage, you have the opportunity to show your opponent what you're really made of. It's do or die. Let's say you lose; you have to challenge the Elite Four once again, and your rival is convinced that you're weak. What do you do next? Do you challenge them again, or do you go and train until you feel your team can pull through? That's your choice if you lose. But what if you win? How would you feel? Happy? Excited? Proud? I don't know. People feel differently about different things. If you win, you are considered the best trainer in the region at that point in time. You've defeated your rival to become the champ, you've defeated all eight gyms, and created a strong team of six Pokémon that you love and care for. But what's missing? Oh, right.

Your journey isn't over yet; you haven't completed the Pokedex that your professor gave you at the beginning of your journey. So, you go out and do so. Throughout this process, you come across some rare and legendary Pokémon. But your team pulls through and you capture all of the Pokémon in existence. You return to your professor's lab and show them your Pokedex. They are amazed by your work and they grant you the title of greatest Pokémon trainer!

After a long journey, you return home to your family, in which they are gladly awaiting your arrival. You finally get home, but the lights are off, and you say, "Mom? Dad? Is anybody home?". Then out of nowhere you see the lights flick on and you hear, "Welcome home!", and you brighten up. After talking about your journey, and introducing your teammates, you decide to go to bed. You get undressed, you climb into bed, and take a deep breath. You think to yourself, "Wow. That was a great journey. Now to get some sleep.". You fall asleep hoping to go on another journey the next day. But something's wrong. It's only a dream.