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RWBY: It's My Turn by Casey Lee Williams

by Neopolitan

Neopolitan Hello! So this is a song from an anime I watch. It's heard in the third season, on the first episode. This is not the full song, only part of it to fit the scene.
DISCLAIMER: RWBY is owned by Mounty Oum and Rooster Teeth, not Dr. Crane or any Pokecharms member.
You were the one
Who held me down and told me
I was heading nowhere
You said know your place
Accept your fate and show good face
And be thankful that you're there!
That was so long ago
When you owned me
I believed it was true
Bend me, shape me
Build me, break me
Why was I your fool?
And now I'm so much stronger
I'm not yours any longer
I've got a message here for you
Hey, wait, turn and show your face
I've got a lot to say and you're not
Going anywhere
You lose, the time you've ruled me's through
I'm in control I own my soul
And I'll never go back there!
Wasted years that I spent
Never knowing
I was kept, I was used
Now I just refuse
I don't care what it costs me
I know I almost lost me
Won't spend another day confused
Time for you to learn
It's my turn
I won't be held down any longer
I've waited all my life and finally it's here
It all begins
A chance to win
A dream that's been a lifetime
An endless vast uphill climb
The day I've waited for is drawing near
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