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Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Adventures: Its back but on PC for a bit/Fight Intensifies 2

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Bryce sitting at his desk.. he doing it
last time Bryce was in route 116 "COME BACK HERE YOU TROUBLE MAKING AQUA GRUNT!" Bryce kicked the Grunt and he stole a Nincada and he named it.. "Nincerda" Bryce then also stole a Wingull "MR. BRINEY!" Bryce then ran to route 104 to see a boat "hey.." Bryce looked at Gary "GET IN THE BOAT" Bryce then looked at Gary "no" Gary then took Bryce by the shirt and pulled him in "he-" Gary then interrupted Bryce "THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING WE ARE GOING TO DEWFORD TOWN!" May then looked at a ship leaving "i wanted to join the boys on the loud ship" Bryce looked at Gary "look Mr. Dbag it wasnt my fault i moved to Kalos IT WAS YOURS!" Gary then hit Bryce in the head Bryce sent out a Tailow "cya" Bryce got on the Tailow then he landed in Dewford town and he opened up the gym door and he walked in "gym time" (Bryces head "oh treadmills that stop me from going forwards... YOLO!") Bryce then sent out Marshtomp (yes his Mudkip evolved between parts) "Mud Shot!" Brawly couldnt see Bryce stole the badge and then Bryce got on Tailow "Slateport" Bryce then saw Team Aqua grunts and he wiped then out Bryce tried leaving but then he heard a crowd Bryce went into the crowd and some people recognized Bryce but they were focused on Lisia Bryce hen madde a not amused face until "hey Kalos Champ is here lets let him try out contests" Bryce then smiled "yes please let me be more popular" Bryce then walked into the contest hall TO BE CONTINUED
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  1. BryceTehTrainer
    i left the series on a cliffhanger? i should continue...
    but in my new playthrough i choose Treecko instead of Mudkip because Wynuat?
    Sep 26, 2016