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Volcanic Tribes: It Begins

by messenger

messenger Fluctuating populations and refugees of similar species.
Chief stared down at the mass of Cubone and their evolved forms. It might seem to be a sizable group to any outsider simply taking a quick look, but Chief knew better than that. The group's normal size would be in the fifties, while the ones before him amounted to about twenty, and that was counting the younger creatures not yet ready to be caught and battled with.

He let out a sigh, thinking about the events from a few days before. Some of his species from Kalos had arrived here on Akala, and could not care for the eggs they had brought with them without sacrificing their own lives. One of them had hatched this day, revealing a female Cubone not yet big enough to don the skull that marked her species. Despite this, she had reached out for a club almost the second she hatched. The other two eggs were taking longer, which made Chief curious about what the appearance would be when they broke open.

Chief sighed again, this time anticipating the meeting with Magmar and totem Salazzle. The two would almost certainly deny his pleas for help driving the invaders out. The water types were the worst to fight. Starmie were the biggest threat to the area, considering the type advantage combined with high speed and defense.

Chief thwacked his own club against the rock he stood on, and the ones that he led swerved their attention to him. In the back, the foreign Cubone stood in a tense pose by her unborn siblings, rigidly awaiting Chief's words. The leader shook his head to focus on his speech. "I will tell you all what we must do." He began, and the green flames on each club flared up.
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  1. messenger
    I have the next chapter ready. It will be posted once this one deserves a sequel.
    Feb 27, 2017