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It all starts now.

by Berd

Berd The first part of very many works. A new write of this will be coming ever monday of every week, so if you're interested, be sure to tune in then.
Liz pulled out her box of crayons. This little girl's name is Lizzie, this is before everything went abnormal. Lizzie was just a regular old 8 year old. Lizzie was thinking about becoming an artist when she grew up, she already had great drawing skills, at least that what her mom had said to her. Liz heard the call of her mother saying dinner's ready, getting up from her pile of scribbles on paper she called art. "Yay! I love bologna sandwiches!" Liz silent but loudly screamed. She devoured into her sandwich, eating it almost in the blink of an eye. Her dad was supposed to come back from a work travel 2 days ago, but never did. The radio made on of those loud roar noises then a beep. It was about 7:AM when this went off, they usually came off in the morning for a test. The message said in exact words. " Warning: a contagious flu has been released by hazmat workers for testing of the virus to see if curing it is possible, the virus contain symptoms of flu, coughing, high fever, and cannibalism. Please stay away from and people that have one or any of these symptoms." Liz began to get scared. Sirens went off. There was banging at the door. Liz and her mom figured it was her dad. Her mom opened the door and hugged the man. Who wasn't her dad, it was a rotting man, with wrinkles and white eyes, half of his hair lost. A bunch of them seemed to be outside, them, eating people? The thing opened it's large bloody mouth and had it's front teeth aimed directly for her mother's neck.