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by CookieKitty

CookieKitty Cookie is a young lvl 5 eevee. Her father and mother and her used to live in a small cave. Then they left her to gather some berries... The next day... there was no sign of return... she doesn't know that someone or something is watching cookie... And they want her. In a bad way. Cookie is lost without her parents and thinks she is alone forever.. But is she?

This is my first ever story. Please tell me on what i need to improve on. Many Thanks CookieKitty.
(Back in time. )
"Its our first kit, Harvey!" Amy called out to her husband. I looked at the Espeon above me. The I looked at the Umbreon beside her. I giggled nervously.
(Time skip. She can talk know)
"Mama? Pecha bewy pwease!" I asked in my sweetest voice. My mother passed the pecha berry to me and i bit it delighted. Harvey, my father, was part of a group with the strongest pokemons in the whole Alminanio region. "Now Cookie your father has to have a battle and i have to be the judge. Would you like to come? Or do you want to be alone?" Mama teases. I nod and jump on a pillow. Mama uses physic to get me anywhere. So she uses physic and we go to the battle field.
So we live in the Eeveelutions quarter of the Alminanio region but there are other quarters. The other three is the dragon quarter, the razor quarter and the basic quarter. Obviously, the eeveelution quarter is where eeveelutions live but tourists form other quarters and regions can come but they have to have a tent
and have the regions symbol. Unless they come from a quarter which they have to put an representative like if you lived in the eeveelution quarter and visited the basic quarter then you would have an eevee or maybe all the eeveelutions or something. Enough of that. we got there now anyways.
Mama looked from side to side. On the other side it was a tourist Charizard and his family were on the red benches. Our side was just Papa- an umbreon with serious power and is the strongest out of the group.
"Is everyone ready?!" Mama said using the mega phone. The challenger nodded. "Ready... Set.. BATTLE!"
"Pa-pa Pa-pa Pa-pa!!!" I screamed. I looked at the opponents family and saw a baby charmander. But hold on it was a different colour! [Oh well..] I thought.
Harvey(Fathers POV)

Sweat poured down my face and used a curse. [well yes it lowers my speed but it will help.] ( when i use [ and ] that's thoughts k?) Before the charizard could attack I used payback, landing a crit. The Charizard flew up getting ready to use its dragon pulse and launched! I just stood there peacefully and jumped to dodge. [ Wow.How come this charizard doesn't know me? Im Harvey the umbreon. The one who can dodge nearly all with low speed...] I Used toxic, causing bad poison. [well he doesn't look like he cares... Wow...] I hit my dark pulse at it. It looked weak enough... It used flamethrower and i was too slow. I got hit. I was burned too. But he was poisoned right? [I can still win this!] He looked seriously weak by now. All I had to do was.... He used rock slide. Weak, I stood up and narrowed my eyes. "This is only the beginning!" I smirked. Although with speed lowered, I used one last payback. And I did it. It had fainted.
(Back to young Cookies POV)
"Mama! Papa won!" I called to mama, Overjoyed to see my first battle scene and my father winning. Mama smiled at me, so i smiled back. While Mama used wish on the charizard to heal him, I walked to the different-colored-charmander to greet him.
"Hewo! I called cookie! what your name, ? and why you different color?" I asked him.
He replided "My name Blaze. Nice to meet you, Cookie. " Blaze shook my paw. We vowed that we would be Best Mons Forever (BMF).
When we got home, mama and papa said they were collecting some berries for breakfast tomorrow. I yawned and let them go off while i went to sleep. And that's where it begins.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Remember this is my first story so... please respect. Also this is the extra part. it begins with letter E but i cant remember what its called. Please tell me. >_< many crumbly thanks~cookiekitty
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