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Is One for All out of control? The evolution of OfA

by Canadian_Fish

Canadian_Fish Spoilers if you haven't finished season three!
Today we're talking about best boi's quirk. And his dad's. And the rest of the OfA line. (Right. I just called no-might-anymore Izuku's dad, what u gonna do 'bout it?)
As we have seen, All Might was able to use One for All without harm to himself a matter of months after receiving it (Refer to 'Bizzare! Gran Torino Appears!'). Izuku... not so much.
After nine generations of smash, you'd think that it would get stronger.
And it is.
But it's not in the way you think.
Izuku Deku Midoriya inherited One for All a few months before the entrance exams (refer to 'Roaring Muscles') and his body was barely trained to handle it. As far as we know, it was the same deal with Toshinori.
So the question is: Is the quirk getting out of hand with strength? Or is it just that Izuku wasn't suited to handle it yet?
To answer my question, we're going back to focus on a few main events.
1. Izuku trains to earn One for All
2. The UA Sports Festival
3. The introduction of Shoot Style
~ ~

If you didn't notice, these three things are some of the largest changes to Izuku and his quirk. One from each season so far.

1.0- Izuku begins working out, and ends up overworking
(refer to 'Roaring Muscles')
When carrying a fridge and running to keep up with All Might, Izuku trips and All Might figures that he has been overworking. Izuku cannot deny this, and All Might agrees to help him tune the difficulty of the plan. Despite all of this, and the fact that he kept with the intense plan for three months straight, he still obliterates his body during the entrance exams (refer to 'Start Line') Despite this, he survives. As for All Might, we can't tell whether or not his results were the same.
1.5-All Might talks to Izuku about the effects of One for All
(refer to 'Roaring Muscles')
In Roaring Muscles, before handing him the hair, says that Izuku is a 'suitable vessel'. Earlier in the episode, All Might warns Izuku that using the quirk without training would lead to limbs being blown off of Izuku's body.

2.0-UA Sports Festival: Shoto vs. Izuku
By this time in the series, Izuku has been in school for approximately a month now, and has already had his share of events. He came in last during the Quirk Apprehension Test Arc, fought against Katsuki in the Battle Trial Arc, attacked, fought, and survived during the USJ arc, and then entered his second month (?) at yuuei. He has been through enough to shape up his quirk some more, and proves it during his fair run at the UA Sports Festival.

During his fight in the finals with Shoto, Deku uses Delaware Smashes, and continues to fire away at Shoto, while convincing him to use his left side.
2.5- Midoryia used over ten attacks at 100%, compared to the Entrance Exams
Midoriya (during the shoto battle) used:
Delaware Smash(Left): 0
Delaware Smash(Right): 11
Detroit Smash(left): 2
Detroit Smash(right): 2
the thingy where he powers-up his leg but somehow doesn't break it: 1 (Wait no, he broke it this time.)
Palm smash thingy (I'm gonna call it Deku smash, cuz' I can.): 1
Bones broken: 5 fingers (twice broken) 2 arms (Right twice broken) 1 leg
Total broken bones: 8 limbs
Midoriya (during the entrance exams):
Detroit Smash: 1
Bones broken: 2 arms, 1 leg, 10 fingers.
Total broken bones: 13 limbs

3.0-Izuku uses Shoot Style to save All Might
Izuku shows off his new technique to save Yagi when Bakugo accidentally blows a block of cement off of a platform. Izuku then leaps out and breaks it without breaking a single bone in his body.

Now, you ask: "What was the point of all of that?"
Well, it's some of my proof I'll be going off of.
SO. Let's get onto the theory itself.
As we learn from Gran Torino, Yagi had mastered the painful side-effects of One for All by the time internships came around. Izuku didn't learn to control the damage until season three. About a month difference. "htf does that support your theory?"
It's a sign of evolution.
As all quirks do, One for All evolves and becomes stronger. With this, it becomes harder to imagine the microwave not blowing up. (What? That's how it goes, right? Why are you booing me?!)
If I explain that theory, it would take too long. SO, when you have time, check out that theory. (I can't find a link. Maybe you'll find it one day. I'll come back to this topic for you.)
Back to my theory, though. As we saw. No. See, with quirks like Tokoyami's Dark Shadow. This is what I call "The Super-Quirk Effect". And One for All suffers from this increasingly dangerous crisis, as well.
The Super-Quirk Effect is the final form of superhumans. In the day and age when the time for this comes, the quirkless rate will an estimated 1-5%. At the end of this era, 1 in 1,000 children will probably be the ratio for quirkless. "Where are you pulling this from?"
Well, with the increase in quirk-users, there is cases of quirkless and quirk-users having children that have quirks. Therefore, there are two possibilities, and I don't like either.
a. all humans complete evolution, no more quirkless humans, they become a thing of the past, and by then quirks will be so out-of control humanity will be wiped out within decades.
b. the quirkless ratio drops at an alarmingly fast and steep rate, but they survive, and once superhumans die out, the survivors (hopefully) restore society. (It solves overpopulation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Let's say B happens. One for All will most likely be somewhere around... let's see...
OfA was created in the second generation of quirks. As of My Hero's time, we're seeing a majority of 4th, all the way to even 5th or 6th gen quirk users. So, let's do that math. Because 22 users in a century makes no f*n sense, we're solving 200 years divided by the nine users (put as 90, because there sure as hell aint 22 users in a century.) equals about 2 users a century. Seems logical.
SO. Let humanity pick up speed with evolution. It's only been 200 years so far, and look at this. As you can see with people like Tokoyami, we're just past the peak of Super-Humans. Let's go forward another 200 years. Quirks started evolving at an alarming rate, quirks are straight done uncontrollable. blah, blah blah.

But one quirk survives.
200- 9th gen
300-11th gen
400-13th gen
500-15th generation of One for All.
At this point, Saitama (One Punch Man) has an equal. The 15th generation quirk user had to train for years before he could even think about using his quirk. But he's probably the only stable Quirk user left on the planet by this point. Protects and stuff, y'know. Hero bois gettin sad boi times cus' they don't have an equal.
Fast forward a few decades. Superhumans are probably left in the hundreds across the planet, and the 16th generation quirk user is about to receive One for All. As tradition, 15th gen takes a hair and tells him to eat it, he eats it. boom.

So. Later, after all superpowers but OfA are gone, the 15th generation quirk user tells the 16th not to pass on One for All. By this point, One for All is a mastered quirk, with power beyond any form of measurement or estimation. There will never be anything that could come close to it.
There are once more three paths here.
a. 16th bein edgy, he passes it on, and, even with training, 17th gen barely flicks a paper clip. -1 human form the face of the earth. And OfA is gone.
b. 16th bein respectful, dies with the secret of OfA and humanity is safe
c. 16th passes it on, 17th trains for decades, and OfA line continues, until 20th gen, when it gets so out of control that a simple flick can level a city. (more like 25th, but i'm estimating.) Until two MORE paths come along.
a. he stops using OfA, dies with it's secrets
b. he passes it on for whatever god forsaken reason and the next gen destroys humanity.
Well. That got kinda off topic, but I've been working on this since 3:15 PM. So.. five and a half hours, give or take.
Uhh, I guess speak your objections, and tell me how I did. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(If you read every word you are an actual legend. Go treat yourself, you earned it.)
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