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Ask Ion and Neri: Ion and Neri's Answers

by EspeonTheBest

HNI_0049.JPG HNI_0050.JPG
EspeonTheBest Here are the Answers to @Special Riolu and @Twilight Nova questions!

Special Riolu:
A shiny Riolu falls from a tree, what would you do?

Neri- "I would laugh at him for a while."
Ion- "Hey! Thats not nice Neri!" (Thinks) 'I would do that too'

Twilight Nova:
How long have you been together?

Neri- "We've been together for....."
Ion- "For 8 years!"
Neri- (Thinks) 'Is that good?'
Ion- (Thinks) 'Well, we're a whopping 9 years old.'

There you have it! I re-wrote the script in the post, just in case if you cant read my handwriting. XD

Note, The first one in Special Riolu's ask, something went wrong and the 'hair' and highlights are gone. Please excuse that while I figure out what's wrong with my computer.
  1. Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose
    That's very good. Have you drawn on your DS? I like it a lot. It's very nice. Very unique and stylish. Cool. Great job. I want to see more work from you. And someone told me that I was a loser, but that's because I told her that she deserved to dye in improvisation. :)
    Mar 29, 2016
  2. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    Adorable! Thinking about using Paint to make drawings from now on. Stay awesome everyone!
    Aug 25, 2015