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cartoon rap battles: invader Zim vs Spongebob

by Scrafty

Scrafty Rap battles spongebob vs invader Zim
Rap battle Invader Zim vs Spongebob

What's up green splat
You look like a twat
Your just a turd
That Patrick just shat

I'll put you on my grill
And burn you up
I hope you die
Cause I do give a fuck

You naive little sponge
Why dont you soak up in gunge
I use you for my toilet
And nothing goes wrong

You look like a sphere of cheese
It's gone off your a disease
Your the canker
Of the seven seas

You have a stupid robot named gir
He is at the lowest tier
Why the hell you make him
He's ugly as I shake in fear

I'll rip off your antannaes off
Any use them for my tele
And you need to take a bath
Because your soo frickin smelly

Ahh is that a voice that I hear
You'll be homeless Im a seer
With your neighbour squidward
Leave him alone stop being a fuckwood

Your gay with Patrick
All you want is to suck dick
Get your rabbit teeth outer here
Your making me feel sick