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Competitive Pokemon How To: Introduction

by DManArt&RP

DManArt&RP This series is going to help you understand how to play competitively.
Welcome to "Competitive Pokemon How To," the basic guide on how to understand competitive Pokemon. So you want to be a master of Pokemon? Well I will tell you how in a few steps, and trust me, it will help.

1. Type advantages
2. Stats (IV's and EV's)
3. How to Make Your Team
4. Predict the Predictions!
5. Extra Information

I put these in order from 1st to last because in order to understand and play well, you have to check if everything is alright when you go in a battle. Thank you for looking over this post, written works are not popular on Pokecharms so leaving a like helps a lot and I might do suggestions to any questions or things you want me to discuss! 1st part will be up in a few minuets!
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