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Sudowoodo's Guide To Games: Introducing Your Favorite Games

by King Miles

King Miles This Guide is about introducing your friends,Family And Relationships to the game you love
So As You Know I Love Minecraft Same With My little brother I'm 15 and My Bro's 5 and we enjoy minecraft very much. But I Have A GF And She Introduced Me To Splatoon and I Almost enjoy it better than Minecraft Just A Bit Better. Ok My Bro Is About To Tell Us About The Games He Introduced To My GF's Sister AKA His Girlfriend. I Intwoduced Wosie Minecwaft and I intwoduced Her to My Brofer's Gwand Theft Auto Pokemon. So That's Where My GTAP Went Your Grounded When This Guide Is Over Which Is Right Now So Guys This Guide Is Over Peace Out and You Young Man You And I Are Going To Have A Long Talk. Help Me Pwease