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Introducing the evolution of Male ormite using a stone i called the mindtone. Orameye a bug/psychic

by PaladinOnyx

PaladinOnyx Orameye the wise pokemon. bug/psychic
(abilities: compound eyes, anticipation,battle armor)
(hiddin abilities: clear body,magic bounce)
some moves it can learn: Psyshock, Psycho cut, recover, signal beam,trick room, substitute, confuse ray, lightscreen, protect, reflect, struggle bug, X-scissor, and more

Strongest stats: special defense, special attack and defense

Each of its eyes can blink at different times, it can see everything in different points of view and is wanted by many who seek out any info to an event or accident. Being very shy and mellow these pokemon are rare and are not often seen in groups.
When presenting to a female the Orameye try to impress the Oramora by showing off the eye on their heads , the bigger the eye, the more likely the female will accept the male. if two males try to impress the same female and they have the same eye size, then the males will fight for her affection.