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Sitcom: Interactions pt. 4

by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive

Sunlight Isekai Overdrive
Nitro, Argo, Estellise, and Jack Victory Quote 1:
Jack: Hey, Did you see that?”
Argo: Mhm.
Estellise:See what?
Jack: Just my Special Attack! No one can stand against me!
Nitro:You mean no one can stand you, Right?
Jack: Night, that was seriously harsh bro.
Nitro:: … Don’t call me Night.

Argo and Estellise
Argo: I’ve been wondering why you even fight at all
Estelle: Kanpeki
Argo: What
Estelle: I do it out of my intense love for Kanpeki I must do this to prove to him I will overcome anyone
Argo: You do this out of love for one guy
Estelle: Mhm
Argo: What if he died
Estelle: what if I broke your kneecaps
Argo: ...

Nitro and Jack Victory Quote (Near-Death):
Nitro:Huff...Is it done?
Jack: Ngh...I think so…

Nitro and Estellise Victory Quote (Estellise Near Death)
Nitro:That was easy.
Estellise: Huff...All...For...Kanpeki…
Nitro:Oh, are you a little triggered that you can’t even defend yourself?

Nitro and Estellise Victory Quote (Nitro Near Death):
Estellise: Aw.. do you need me to hug it all better?
Nitro:Fuck off mate.

Estellise Finishing with Yandere Overdrive (Nitro in Party):
Estellise: MY F*******
Nitro:Uh...That was a little overkill…
Estellise: Shut it Gohan.
Nitro:That was a little close to home…

Nitro Finishing with Shining Bind (Estellise in Party):
Estellise: you said I was OVERKILLING?!
Nitro:Hey, they asked for it.

Jack finishing with Flash Drive:
Nitro:What the Hell?!
Jack: What?
Nitro:That was WAY To overkill!
Jack: And?

Nitro (Game Over):
Nitro: The adventure was now over for them..

Jack (Game Over):
Jack: Karma caught up with the crew…

Estellise (Game Over):
Estellise: I never got to Move in with Kanpeki…

Argo (Game Over):
Argo: . . .

Nitro VS. Shadow party:
Nitro:What the Hell?!
Sh. Nitro: . . .
Sh. Jack: . . .
Sh. Estellise: . . .
Nitro:I never knew I looked so….Asian.

Nitro and Jack Victory Quote 1:
Nitro:C’mon! Up high!
Jack: . . Jackass.
Nitro:Oh…. Forgot. Down Low?

Nitro, Estellise, and Jack Victory Quote:
Nitro:Our Weapons are…. Fists!
Jack: Waves!
Estellise: Sweet Kanpeki!
Nitro:You… did it wrong.

Finish with Nison (still fused)
Nison: Haha look at our combined might
Nison: Well I actually don't know what to do with the rest of it

Nitro, Akui, Mason, and Vathla finish
Akui: haha how do ya like the taste of a bloodied fist
Mason: And the taste of a mouthful of ki
Nitro:And … a spirit blade in your stomach
Vathla: Saiyan squad
All: Fist bump

Nitro beating Jack (Arena):
Nitro:How about that! Power of a Saiyan Raised on Yardcunt! Ha!

Argo finish with Kaioken
Argo: Pant
Nitro:how aren’t you dead
Akui: wish he was dead
Argo: Effort and training
Nitro:*Mummering* and a 10 kilometer run

Nitro and Mason Victory Quote:
Mason: Hyah!
Both: The power of two (Nitro:Saiyans) (Mason:Scrubs)

Nitro Ki >25 (Jack, Mason, and Estellise in Party):
Jack: Your control is--
Nitro:Huff...Shut it Jack! You aren't Piccolo!
Mason: Your using to many Supers!
Estellise: I would let him use all of it.

Nitro using Shining Binds More that Once:
Jack: Your using it too many times!
Nitro:But I like it….
Estellise: I don’t Care! You’ll wear your energy out!

Mason Finish with Kamehameha
Mason: HA
Nitro: Dramatic Fi-
Mason: Let me stop you right there.

Akui and Nitro Finish
Akui: Bet you wish people clothes got that torn back at the school
Nitro:You’re giving me more reason to want you dead

Nitro, Jack, and Estellise Victory Quote 2:
Nitro:Our weapons are…
Jack: Tails!
Estellise: Blasts!
Nitro: Good!

Nitro and Estelle Victory Quote (Nitro wearing Evil Attire):
Estellise: Why…
Estellise: What are you Wearing…
Nitro: Oh, This? It’s the alternate color scheme of my Attire.
Estellise: Too edgy…

Nitro Super Saiyan Blazing Victory Quote:
Nitro:Haaa! Feel the Burn! Crest Flare!
Jack: Woah Woah, it's over with!