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Sitcom: Interactions pt. 3

by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive

Sunlight Isekai Overdrive More Memes
Summoning Zamasu with Nitro on the team

Nitro:So you and Papi are one in the Same?

Zamasu: That is true, yes.

Nitro:That means… you are also my Papi.

Zamasu:. . . .

Nitro Fusing with Mason VS Helley


Mason: Sion!

Nitro:& Mason: Ha!

. . .

Masitro: We are not Nitro NOR Mason! We are Masi-

Helley: Does every fusion do this?

Masitro: U--Uh…. Yes…?

Helley: Fair enough.

Nitro and Mason using Potara:

Nitro:I hate to say it, Mason, but the Dance won’t work!

Mason: Already on it!

*Mason throws an earing*

Nitro:put it on!

. . .

Nison: What is this. Why am I named after a car?

If use clothes beam on kanpeki

Kanpeki:The hell was that and why am i wearing a tuxedo

Nitro:Clothes beam

Kanpeki: Hmm i quite like it

Estellise: kanpeki Kun~ You look beautiful now all i need is a wedding dress

Kanpeki: Oh KAMI no

Kanpeki: Die the whole lot of you especially Nitro

Nitro teamed with Estellise:

Nitro:Are just going to sit there?

Estellise: Yes. There's no Kanpeki~kun.

Nitro:If you win, I will arrange a date with Kanpeki.


Jack VS. Kanpeki

Kanpeki: Ahh I see another arcosian. I haven’t fought one in a while this should be fun

Jack: Wait What

Kanpeki: I said that I will enjoy this bout

Jack: Why?

Kanpeki: Because we are of the same race

Jack: You’re an Arcosian?

Kanpeki: Correct, to an extent

Jack: I thought you were a robot

Kanpeki: That’s the “Extent”

Jack VS Estelle

Jack: Uh…


Jack: What are you---


Jack: What the hell?!

Argo, Mason, Akui, and Nitro fusing.

Akui: Why the fuck am I fusing with you?

Mason: Because your mum gay

Argo: . . . .

Nitro:Fuck this.

Mason: Put it on you little shit.

Mason puts an earring on each of them

Argsouro: Fuck you. No U! NO U! NO U!

Akui VS Nitro:

Akui: Saiyan Disgrace.

Nitro:Yamcha Ripoff.

Akui: Raging Gohan.

Nitro:Fatass Yajarobe.
Akui: Pervert


Akui: Glove Stealer.

Nitro:Cat Fucker.

Akui: Warden Main.

Nitro:Cave Destroyer.

Akui: RC-Car.

Nitro:Filthy Non-Yardrat Saiyan

Akui: Fucking yardrat saiyan

Nitro:Cave fucker.

Nitro And Nox:


Nox: There you Are!

Nitro:H--How did you find me?!

Nox: I Implanted a Chip inside you while you were sleeping.


Akui and Helley

Helley: Who brought you here

Akui: I heard the screaming and got interested

Helley: Is it safe to assume we have similar interests

Akui: Clearly So

Helley: Well I’m king round here so we can do whatever we want

Akui: then consider me your … Advisor

Akui and Estelle

Akui: I can see you have a thing for the green man

Estelle: He is my Kanpeki kun my senpai

Akui: But why he doesn’t even like you back

Estelle: Wrong Kanpeki loves me as much as I love him

Akui: He is a Fucking Lizard

Estelle : He is a beautiful android

Akui: He doesn’t have a mouth

Estelle: He does under his mask and he will open it for me as I open my heart

Akui: Great Kami he might have a mouth under there ugh. Let's just fight

Estelle: In the name of Love

Akui: Whatever makes you punch hard

Estelle and Vathla

Vathla: So uh what's up with you and kanpeki

Estelle: He is my senpai and will be my lover

Vathla: Senpai?

Estelle: You know the person you love

Vathla: the person I love?

Estelle: yeah and my is Kanpeki Kun

Vathla: Hmm, well okay good luck with Kanpeki I guess

Estelle: And to you

Using De Way summon with Nitro:

Nitro:So… You are Vathla’s Kid?

De Way: Yes I help Motha show dem Villians De Way

Nitro:You DO know she refuses to acknowledge your existence, which all of us think you are a Dead meme which should burn in the depths of Hell along with Akui.

De Way: no u

Nitro:Shit he got me there.

De Way: Now shut up skrub and let me show them the way.

Nitro:Alright Ugandan.

Blue De Way: Brotha I shall help you


Using Shining Bind on Akui(First time using):

Nitro:Struggle against these Chains of Revenge, Shining-

Akui: Let me stop you right there. Hyuuuhraghhhhh

~Akui shoots Gigantic Blast~

Using Shining Bind on Akui(Second):

Nitro:Not this time! Shining Bind!


Jack Fighting Akui:

Jack: Who the hell are you?

Akui: Akui.

Jack: is Nitro your fan or something?

Akui: Hell if I know.

Jack: He’s always yelling out your name.

Akui: . . .

Jack: and he always keeps a Picture of a manslaughtered you on the side of his room which he throws knives at. The bills are a Pain for Nox.

Akui: Stalker.

Estellise and Kanpeki (Final Fight):

Estellise: Kanpeki~Kun!

Kanpeki: oh kami no

Estellise: I’m Through!

Kanpeki: What?

Estellise: I said, I’m Through!

Kanpeki: Yes! The nightmare is finally over!

Estellise: You *Beeped for Children* Lovable B**ch!

Kanpeki: Wat.

Estellise Runs up to the Confused kanpeki and Hugs him.

Estellise: Kanpeki~kun!!! You let your guard down!


Nitro and Argo:

Nitro:. . .

Argo: . . .

Nitro:So...Wanna go kill akui?

Argo: . . .

Nitro:I’ll take that as a yes.

Jack using Ultra Punishing Head on Nitro(First Time):

Jack: Head of Steel!

He starts flying about

Nitro: *Forms barrier* Ha!

Jack: G--Ggh!