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Sitcom: Interactions pt. 2

by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive

Sunlight Isekai Overdrive
Estellise VS Kanpeki:
Estellise: Oooh~! Kanpeki~Kun!
Kanpeki: Not you again...
Estellise: You missed me and you know it~
Kanpeki: No, I did not.

Nitro VS Habbuko:
(If you fought Helley)
Nitro:What the hell….
Habbuko: Problem?
Nitro:You look just like the Piece of bubblegum I fought before.
Habbuko: Hey!
(If you Haven't)
Nitro:Wait, Bubblegum has become an animate object?
Habbuko: Demonic Bubblegum, to you.

Party VS Kanpeki (First Battle)
Estellise: Who is THIS Beautiful man~
Nitro:Beautiful isn’t what i’d call him…
Kanpeki: I am Kanpeki. The supreme Android!
Nitro:. . . .
Estellise: Kanpeki Kun~!

Party VS Kanpeki (Second Battle)
Kanpeki: Not you again…
Estellise: Kanpeki Kun~!
Vathla: Is she alright?
Nitro:It's a long story….

Party VS Kanpeki (Third Battle)

Estellise: Kanpek--
Nitro:& Kanpeki: Shut up!
Vathla: I have no idea what is going on
Argo: That makes two of us.

Party VS Kanpeki Fourth Battle:

Estellise: *Runs up to Kanpeki* Kanpeki Kun~!
Kanpeki: Oh my Kami….
Mason: Can I approve this ship?
Kanpeki: No!
Estellise: Yes!
Nitro: Mason I swear to god if you do….

Party Vs. Kanpeki Fifth battle

Estellise: Kanpeki Kuuuun~
Kanpeki: (Forms barrier)
Estellise: Nothing can stand in the way of my love for you
Kanpeki: (Expands Barrier)
Nitro:: Oh Kami, Hey Vathla you led to me and Nox getting married Think you could get them to marry so she will shut up
Vathla: I barely Know the pink haired imbecile.
Nitro: So no?

Akui Boss (Argo on team)

Akui: You brought that Prick
Akui: Again with the silence,How the hell do you stand him

Use Zamasu Summon on Habbuko

Habbuko: Z.. Zamasu?
Zamasu: Indeed It is
Habbuko: Why in the hell are you assisting a mortal
Zamasu: My deeds are justified through my Name and those who Question Shall Perish
Habbuko: But Zamahhhhhh

Argo, Mason, And Nitro against a Higher Lvl Opponent

Nitro:Yuup (While nodding head like logan paul)
Mason: …
Mason and Nitro: Fusion Time !
Mason and Nitro: Fuuuusion
Argo: Wait wouldn’t potara be much safer it’s stronger and can’t Fail.
Mason: But…
Nitro:The Dance looks cooler
Argo: But you can fail the dance and get us killed
Nitro:and Mason: Fuuuu Wahhhh *Attacked by opponent*
Argo, Mason, And Nitro: Lets just win this.
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