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Sitcom: Interactions Pt. 1

by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive

Sunlight Isekai Overdrive
Use De Way summon With Vathla on the team

Vathla:Oh Kami no
De Way: Motha I Shall show our opponents THE WAY
Vathla: Just kill them

If you Use Nitro in a Battle with Helley:

Nitro: “A Piece of….Red bubblegum?”
Helly: “That is SIR Red Bubblegum to you!”

Nitro teamed with Mason:

Nitro:You Ready, Mas?
Mason: Maybe.
Nitro:i’ll take that as a yes, Let's start!

Nitro VS Jack 1v1

Jack: Wow...
Jack: How long has it been since we last fought like this?
Nitro:We fought in the arena...you forgot already?
Jack: No.. A Lot of Time-Patrol business has happened.
Nitro:Good...because I’m going to Beat your ass!
Jack: Nononono, I’m going to beat YOUR Ass.
Nitro:It's SO On!

Nitro VS Kanpeki:

Nitro:. . . .
Kanpeki:. . .
Nitro:You seem especially quiet. Missing Estellise?
Kanpeki: No..I’m just taking in the Quietness.
Nitro:Lucky you, you don’t have to travel with her.
Kanpeki: . . . .
Nitro:Let's get this battle started...Shall we?
Kanpeki: A fight among fellow men, not pink haired neko’s.
Nitro: Wait estelle is a Neko?
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