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Teams: Instinct

by AssassinGallade

AssassinGallade There is no escape from the storm
Ok Instinct time. I Never really was a big Zapdos fan but Zapdos is the 2nd favorite legendary bird in the team (with Artic Juan in 1st LOL) Spark the only male leader in Pokemon go he believes that a Pokemon's intuition comes when it hatches from its egg and it makes hatching an egg easier by making you walk less Kms than usual! Also If you watch popular YouTubers like Unlisted leaf or Master Ov you can see that they are on team Instinct and might think that might cause fans to go on said team but no! Instinct has 25% of players on their team that is almost half of Mystic's 43%! Main reasons why this team is unloved is mainly due to Mystic due to Mystic being center stage it's the first team most people notice and due to the color being one of the world's least and I mean least favorite colors so Instinct doesn't have alot going for it but hey less walking! Yeah? Well that all I've got and if you were wondering I'm on team Mystic and you should go read Mystic and Valor.