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Injured Pokemon Parody Fic: Scenario Two

by Shiny Blue Gardevoir

Shiny Blue Gardevoir What would happen if you found an abused pokemon, and decided to take it to a pokemon centre? This is what would happen, realistically, anyway...
Scenario Two
"Good job on that last battle, Sylveon!" Sue praised, "Soon, I'll have my last badge, and then, we can go and challenge the Elite Four!"

The sylveon chirruped in agreement, as she bounced about her trainer.

Then, as they were walking, Sue saw a guy beating the shit out of a shiny chikorita. Why? We'll never know.

"I'm a generic bad guy, with no real personality, or motives as to why I'm such a dick!" the guy cried, as he curb stomped the chikorita, "And this chikorita is worthless to me, because... I dunno, it's weak. That's literally the only reason that the author could be bothered to drum up!"

"C'mon, Sylveon, we have to help!" Sue cried, "It's my duty as the main character to show everyone that I'm a good person!"

And Sue and Sylveon ran over to the guy, and Sylveon used fairy wind to blow him away from the chikorita.

"Generic villain dialogue!" The guy yelled.

"Generic hero dialogue!" Sue retaliated, grabbing the chikorita, and putting it in a pokeball, before she ran to the pokemon centre, "And ham-handed philosophy!"

Sue released the chikorita, and then threw the pokeball away as she gave it to Nurse Joy, who began treatment immediately, once she'd explained what had happened. Sue was so excited now; she was getting a shiny chikorita for her team! Well, technically, the chikorita wasn't hers, but she knew exactly how these fics worked. Once the chikorita was better, Nurse Joy would give it to her to look after, because she was such an awesome trainer!

A week later, Sue came back to the pokemon centre, all ready to pick up her new pokemon, only to find that the chikorita wasn't there.

"Nurse Joy, where's my chikorita?" Sue cried.

"You said that it wasn't yours," Nurse Joy replied, "It recovered from its injuries, but it's deeply traumatised after being abused like that. I sent it to a pokemon behavioural therapist, who will look after it as it recovers from the severe mental scars it has."

"And once it gets better, you'll give it to me, right?"

"No, that's not how it works," Nurse Joy explained, "Once Chikorita recovers, we'll give it to a trainer who has experience with handling traumatised pokemon, who will able to cater to its needs, and support it."

Sue was outraged. She was the main character! That chikorita was supposed to be hers!

"I can handle it!" Sue insisted, "Besides, you have to give that chikorita to me! I'm the main character!"

"Well, have you ever handled severely traumatised pokemon for long periods of time?"

"No, but"--

"Will you force Chikorita into battle, knowing that it may well be one of its triggers, and you'll end up traumatising it even more?"

"But I'm nice!"

"Do you want it, knowing that it will be months before it can walk properly again, on account of the horrific abuse it received?"

"I..." Sue was left at a loss. Nurse Joy was right.

Sue sadly walked away, vowing never to help an injured pokemon again. Not if she couldn't have it.
  1. Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Feb 25, 2019
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  2. PokeStorm
    Wth? It's funny cuz it's realistic lol XD
    Feb 25, 2019
  3. Cloudswift
    Are Mary from the first one and Sue from this one, I dunno, cousins or something? Lol
    Apr 7, 2017