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Inazuma Eleven Ares FanFic

by Kasumi Daiyamondo

Kasumi Daiyamondo I do NOT own Inazuma Eleven Ares or any of the characters except Saigo, Reo, Chika, and Saigo's Parents. Oh and I also own Zefur Academy!
Chapter 1: Jude Sharp

I sat outside Polstar Academy, waiting for my older sister, Chika, to pick me up. I never liked Polstar, It was kind of shady. I got bored waiting for my sister so I went off to explore. I had explored pretty much everything, the only thing left was the soccer stadium. My spiky, orange hair blew in the wind while I walked threw the stadium entrance. When I got to the field, all of a sudden… BAM!!! I got hit with a ball, right in the shoulder!

“Oh, I’m sorry. My kicks are a little off today.” A boy said lifting me up. I groaned as I gripped my right shoulder. Then I recognized who he was. He was the Jude Sharp.

“Its OK.” I said looking past him and at one of the forwards, who was standing behind him. He looked kinda scary. Jude realized I was focusing on something else so he turned around and gasped.

“Whats wrong with you Jude? When I said kick it harder, I meant with accuracy!” He said grabbing Jude’s shirt.

“I…I…I’m sorry, I was just a little distracted.” The forward scowled at him, and let him go. As he walked away, I stepped closer to Jude so I could get a better look at the field.

“Does he do that a lot?” I asked, Jude sighed, then nodded.

“Hey Jude! What are you waiting for?” Called one of his teammates.

“Be right there!” He called back, then I grabbed his hand.

“Can I watch you guys?” I asked him.

“Um, sure.” So we walked onto the field and I sat on a bench. The stadium was huge! I had never really seen on before. I could hear them kicking the ball around, it was a very satisfying sound. Later I had gotten a text from Chika saying she was in front of the school. I left the stadium and waved bye to Jude, and he smiled. I ran as fast as I could to Chika’s car, I didn’t want her to leave me like last week. When we got home that night my parents had a surprise for me!

“We know you were getting use to Polstar Academy, but now you get to go to Zefur Academy!” My Dad exclaimed! My lilac eyes widened.

“Thats right! Oh Saigo, I hope your not mad.” My Mom said hugging me.

“No, its OK, I don’t mind!” I said, but on the inside I was partying like there was no tomorrow! After dinner I went up stairs and laid down in my bed. My little brother, Reo, was already fast asleep in his bed.

I had been asleep for about 1 hour and I was already being woken up by my eight year old brother.

“Saigo! Wake up!” He said shaking me.

“Shh!” I told him, “You’ll wake someone up!” I sat up and let him sit on my pillow. “Whats up Reo?”

“I had a dream about moving! I don’t wanna move again!” Reo said hugging me tight. We had moved a few months ago, and Reo had to leave a lot of friends.

“Its OK buddy, we’re not going to move for a long, long time.” He was squeezing me pretty hard, and I really wanted to tell him to stop, but he was crying so I let him be. A bit later I was asleep in Reo’s bed because he had fallen asleep in mine. That night I slept better then I have ever slept…

Thanks for reading guys!!! This is pretty much just a one shot, so maybe some other time. (To make chapter two.)
~Kasumi Daiyamondo
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