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In a Land of Glowing Flowers

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Hey! 2nd art of the day! ^.^

This is Solstice- an Espeon OC of mine. In this picture she's in my newest RP Guidance, but she's been in many before. I'm also trying to draw in a different style, so the ears and tufts of fur on her face may look different compared to other times I have drawn Solstice. I'm pretty happy about how the shading turned out, but I'm not sure why there's that weirdish light pink outline....oh well. It looks just fine from here.

It's pretty sloppy sorry, but I've been toying with new brushes.

  1. Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose
    Very cute. Just looks like the one in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. I had Espeon on my team, and it was twenty levels away from level 100. :) Nice job. ^_^
    Mar 29, 2016