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Images of Your Future Self: Images of Your Future Self - Chapter One

by Percabeth316

Percabeth316 It's about these kids, and one of them has a very smart older sister, who invents this device that will let people go to a parallel universe in the future, so they see different versions of their older selves.
One press of a random button, and they're in a different universe, seeing themselves as royalty or pirates or something.

(...I'm not good at summaries, okay?)
Vanessa James ran through the halls.
Behind her were three teens--Lexine Evans, Xavier Tane and her brother, Matt James.
"Van," Matt said, slowing from a run to a walk, then a complete stop. "Why not just tell us what you want to show us?"
Vanessa quickly stopped and turned around.
"Because, that would take the fun out of showing you!"
"Why is it so fun to show us?" Xavier asked her, leaning against a wall.
"...Don't question me."
The boys both opened their mouths, but Lexine spoke before they could.
"So, let's go see this...thing." She said.
Vanessa smiled.
Finally,Vanessa thought.Someone who isn't going to question it.
Lexine was the first to follow Vanessa, who quickly ran into the room at the end of the hall.
The boys slowly trailed behind them, neither very excited.
Vanessa, the fast talkershe's always been, was already almost halfway through her explanation.
"Okay," She pointed to the table in the corner, which had a computer-like object on it, four cellphone-sized devices with it. "See that?"
Lexine and the boys quickly nodded.
"Those weird things on the table? Yeah, kinda hard to miss." Xavier said.
"What do they do?" Lexine and Matt asked in unison.
They started at each other for a moment, as Vanessa answered.
"Well...Those can take you to an alternate universe."
The teenaged trio stared at Vanessa.
"Okay, stop staring."
"Are you sure they work?" Matt asked.
"How did you test them?" Lexine shot out that question as soon as Matt finished his.
"That's awesome!" Xavier said quickly.
There was a moment of silence, before Vanessa responded.
"You guys remember Kim, right?"
"How could we forget her?" Lexine asked, unsure of how that would be possible.
"Yeah, I remember." Matt said, nodding.
"...Who?" Xavier asked, tilting his head.
Lexine stared at Xavier. "How do you not remember?"
"Wait...Xavier wasn't here when she came over. He was on some family trip." Matt said.
"Oh, she came over the first week of March?"
Matt nodded. "Yeah. That's why you don't know who she is."
"Alright, I guess that answers that question..." Vanessa said, starting to lean against the wall.
"Anyway, she helped me test them. So, we went to the alternates, and came back. They work fine."
Xavier glanced at the table. "So...Are we allowed to use them?"
Vanessa smiled and nodded. "Thought you might want to. That's why I showed you."
Xavier smiled, Lexine stared, and Matt simply stood there.
"Can we try them today?" Xavier asked.
Vanessa walked over to the table, Xavier following quickly.
Talk about a change of mood!Vanessa thought, picking up one of the devices.
"Alright, these are just called teleporters. The computer-thing is to track the teleporters."
Matt and Lexine looked at each other.
"Are you going to do it?" Lexine asked him.
"I guess. Are you coming with, Lexi?"
"I guess..."
They slowly walked over to the table.
Vanessa explained how to use the teleporters, and about registering someone in it.
"See that green button in the middle of it?"
The three nodded.
"Press it three times. Say your names, and it will take a picture of you, then ta-da! Registered!"
Xavier handed the teleporter over to Matt. "...I'm not going first..."
Matt silently offered it to Lexine, who wouldn't take it.
"...Fine, guess I'm first." Matt said, before pressing the button three times.
"Please say your names."
"Matt James."
"Lexine Evans."
"Xavier Tane."
"Please hold the teleporter in front of your face. Make sure it is a few inches away from you."
Matt held it up a bit away from his face, and there was a click a few seconds later.
Lexine and Xavier did the same.
"Thank you for registering, Matt James, Lexine Evans, and Xavier Tane."
They were silent for a minute.
"Van, what does registering do?" Matt asked.
"It makes it to where only the people registered can use it. You can register up to five people on one."
"Got it."
Lexine tucked a strand of her dark hair behind her ear.
"So, uh...how do we teleport?" She asked.
"Just press one of the blue buttons. Once you've been there, it turns red. When you are there, press the orange button to come back here." Vanessa explained.
The trio looked around at each other.
"Ready?" Xavier asked.
Matt and Lexine nodded.
Matt pressed a random blue button, and the three of them quickly disappeared.