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Images of Your Future Self: Images of Your Future Self - Chapter Four

by Percabeth316

Percabeth316 Xavier asks a lot of, questions, Lexine and Matt have a small water fight, and they, along with their future selves, arrive at Quilla.
Xavier Tane was clearly the most excited.
He ran around the small ship, asking a dozen questions a minute.
“So, what are you guys doing? When did you become pirates? Why did you become pirates?”
Lex couldn’t answer one question before Xavier shot out the next.
Matthew was standing over at the wheel, trying to remember which way to go.
Xavieren was answering his younger self’s questions right before he asked another.
“Well, we were recovering a crown that the king lost. It’s been a while since we became pirates--“
“Sailors,” Lex interrupted. “Not pirates.”

“Lex, there’s not too much of a difference.” Matthew said, looking back at her for a second.
“Yes, there is.” She started. “Sailors travel along the seas. Pirates tend to steal things, and sometimes kidnap people.”
“Okay, fine. We’re sailors.” Xavieren said, rolling his eyes.
“Do you guys work for the king? Who is the king? How’d he lose a crown?” Xavier asked, tilting his head.
“Yeah, we work for him. The king is King Alson, and he was sailing around at some point and lost his crown.” Xavieren answered.
Xavier continued to ask his future self questions.
Lexine and Matt were standing by the edge of the ship, talking.

“So…how are we supposed to get back again?” She asked, looking down at the water.
“I guess just press the same button?” Matt answered, moving his hand around in the water.
“You guess?” Lexine looked over at him. “Matt, this isn’t a time for guessing.
He looked at her. “Well…I forgot. That’s why I said I guess.”
Lexine stared at him for a moment.
“How could you forget?!”
“Well, it’s not like you remember, so I could be asking you the same thing…!”
Lexine looked down.
That's...true... She thought.
Matt still had his hand in the water.
A few seconds later, Matt splashed Lexine with a bit of water.
"Wha--...Hey!" She said, turning her head to look at Matt again.
"Hi, Lexine."
She did not look amused.
"You splashed me with water."
Matt nodded. "Uh-huh."
"Why did you splash me with water?"
"Because I could...?" He shrugged.
Lexine quickly put one of her hands into the water and splashed him.
Matt took his hand out and flicked water at her.
She put her other hand in the water, and made a cup with her hands.
He backed away a bit.
Lexine quickly took her hands out, took a few steps over to Matt, and dumped the water on him.
Xavier raised an eyebrow as he looked over at them.
"Well," He started. "They weren't doing that five minutes ago."
Lex and Xavieren looked over as well.
"Lex, didn't you and Matthew...?" Xavieren didn't need to finish his question.
"Yes, we did that quite a bit." She answered, watching them.
Matthew looked over his shoulder.
"Guys? We're back at Quilla." He said.
Lex and Xavieren looked over at Matthew as soon as he said that.
"That was quick." Xavieren said.
"No, it wasn't..." Lex said, shaking her head.
Matthew docked the ship just behind a small, pale blue castle.
Xavier ran over to Lexine and Matt.
"Guuuys, enough with the water fight!" He said.
"Fiiiiine..." Lexine and Matt said in unison.
Lex walked over to the trio.
"Well, you don't appear too wet..." She said, looking at Lexine and Matt.
She turned and walked to the other side of the ship, where Matthew was hanging a short rope ladder.
Matthew turned around and looked at them.
"Hey, c'mon. We gotta go."
"Gotta go where...?" Matt asked his future self.
"Inside...You're going to meet King Alson with us."
The three teens stared at Matthew.
"We're...meeting the king with you?" Lexine repeated, to which Xavieren nodded.
"Yep. What, you scared?" Xavieren asked.
"Wha--No." Lexine said, slowly shaking her head.
"Alright. Then c'mon!" Matthew said, waving his hand toward the ladder.
Matt walked over first, then Lexine, and finally Xavier.
Lex had already gone down, and was waiting.
"Ready?" Xavieren asked, once there were all on the ground.
The others nodded, and they walked into the castle.